Person saying Hey Assistant, I'm home! to trigger a Google assistant routine or Amazon routine.

6 Essential Routines for Smart-Home Assistants

So maybe we don’t yet have flying cars or robot maids (unless you count your Roomba), but if you have a smart-home assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home—and you’ve figured out the best smart-assistant routines to make your life easier—now you’re keeping up with the Jetsons. Routines are the key to getting the most

Introducing... Oh, Watt a Day

Introducing… Oh, Watt a Day!

It’s not always easy being green. Even purchasing a lightbulb nowadays has turned into a complicated decision.

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6 Tips to Make Your Trip to the Farmers Market Better

Not many shopping experiences are more rewarding than going to your local farmers market. The fresh air, delicious produce, and knowledge that you are shopping local are just a few of the perks farmers market goers enjoy.

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Make The Most of Longer Days

School is out, warm weather is in and the days are long. This provides a perfect opportunity for more family time.


Stock Up On These 10 Foods Packed With Energy

If you’re looking to be more productive and alert during the day, look no further than your pantry and refrigerator. The foods you eat have a huge impact on how much energy you have, and a few simple changes may be all it takes to enliven you.

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6 Tips for Having the Best Garage Sale Ever

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you’ve tackled spring cleaning!

Making Use of Public Transportation

Easy Ways to Make Your Morning Commute More Efficient

For most people, the act of getting going each day coincides with rush hour, both inside and outside of the home. As you’re probably well aware, school buses don’t wait and the clock just keeps on ticking, no matter what side of the bed you woke up on.

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Love Yourself – 4 Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home

It’s easy to get caught up rushing around every day taking care of your family and work commitments and forgetting about yourself. Every now and then it is important to take a few minutes to indulge and take care of yourself.

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Spring Clean Your Home for Energy Savings

What small changes can you make at home this Spring to be more efficient? Keep in mind that heating and cooling accounts for almost half of the average home’s utility costs!

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At Home Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you may regret your decision to go out on one of the busiest date nights of the year. On any night going out can be a hassle, from finding the right outfit, to booking a babysitter, and hailing a cab – staying home can make date-night more enjoyable

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Winter Crafts for Restless Kids

If this winter is anything like last year’s, we could have several snow days. What’s good news for your kids is daunting for you, since they’ll be running around the house instead of giving you some peace and quiet at school.

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