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Energy Efficiency Smart landscaping tips for small business’s energy efficiency.

Smart Landscaping Tips for Small Business Energy Efficiency

More and more small businesses are upgrading their properties with smart, energy-efficient landscaping. Sustainability and energy efficiency have become important considerations when it comes to creating and maintaining outdoor spaces at a business.

Energy Efficiency Remote work and energy efficiency.

Remote Work and Energy Efficiency

Is remote work sustainable? Can remote work and energy efficiency contribute to your bottom line and a cleaner environment?

Energy Choice What is natural gas used for in homes?

What Is Natural Gas Used for in Homes?

You might be wondering what uses natural gas in a house and why it is so popular. Widely available, natural gas as a residential energy source is used in many homes across the country.

Small Business Energy Savings Spring cleaning tips for business energy savings

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Businesses to Save Energy

Incorporate these energy efficiency tips into your spring cleaning business practices to help your team transition from winter to warmer weather. Taking the time to clean, repair and freshen up is a great way to ensure your business runs well, ultimately saving you money and energy.

Small Business Energy Savings How AI can help your business save energy.

How AI Can Help Your Business Save Energy

AI technology is transforming how businesses operate. By aligning the use of artificial intelligence and energy efficiency goals, you can reduce operating cost.

Small Business Energy Savings Small business trends in 2024.

Small Business Trends for 2024

Emerging small business trends are reshaping how businesses will operate this year and beyond. Technology that was recently only available to larger corporations with big budgets is now within reach of small businesses.

Small Business Energy Savings Direct vs indirect cost.

Direct vs. Indirect Costs: Definitions & Examples

Understanding the difference between a direct vs. indirect cost, and how to use this information in pricing and profit planning, is vital to your small business.

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Home Energy Savings How to fix drafty windows.

How to Fix Drafty Windows

Drafty windows bring a chill into your home during the winter. In the summer, they let air conditioned air escape.

Small Business Energy Savings Best way to heat an office.

What’s the Best Type of Heater for an Office?

Keeping employees warm and comfortable supports quality work, productivity and well-being. Yet, that simple goal isn’t always easy to achieve.

Disaster Preparedness How to stay warm without electricity.

How to Stay Warm Without Electricity

Your comfort and safety depend on knowing how to heat a house without electricity. How to keep warm without power during winter is an important part of knowing what to do when the power goes out.

Disaster Preparedness What to do if pipes freeze.

How to Identify, Thaw, and Prevent Frozen Pipes

Water pipes freezing. The words can make your blood run cold.

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