Energy Choice

Thanks to a growing competitive marketplace, you have more energy choices. Rather than simply dealing with the local utility, consumers in many states now can choose from among a group of energy suppliers and energy providers. With so many options, making those energy choices can seem daunting. We can help you learn how to switch electricity companies and other ways to make switching energy suppliers easier.

Startex Power and Constellation Logos

StarTex Power is now Constellation in Texas!

StarTex Power is now Constellation in Texas! The company many Texans have come to rely on for exceptional customer service, and of course, electricity, will remain the same but now with a new name.

Energy Utility vs Energy Supplier

Understanding Energy Suppliers vs. Utilities

Like most of us, you’re probably interested in controlling your household budget. While some of the services in your home such as water, internet, cable television or phone might be pretty straightforward, understanding retail energy might be more complicated.


What are the Benefits of Competitive Energy Markets?

So much of life can seem out of our control. Our taxes go up.

How to Switch Electricity Companies

Not so long ago, each household would deal with just one utility company. The electricity and natural gas arrived in your home; the utility set the price with oversight by the state government’s regulatory agency; you paid the bill.

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Find Your Match: Evaluating Energy Providers

Being set up on a blind date is never fun, and rarely works out (Mom, I’m talking to you!).

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Finding the Right Energy Provider

Between getting to work on time, exercising, making sure your kids are dressed and ready for school, trying to have some social life, and taking five minutes to enjoy your coffee, thinking about your energy provider or switching to another carrier that may provide the right service for your family is likely at the bottom

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Reasons to Choose Natural Gas for Your Home

With many types of traditional and alternative energy sources to choose from, you could ask yourself: why natural gas? Despite the natural gas industry being resource-intensive, there are several benefits to choosing natural gas for your home.

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How Weather Volatility Affects Power and Gas

Weather is just one of the many factors that contribute to the ebb and flow of the power and gas markets.  Last winter the United States experienced record temperatures during one of the coldest winters since 1981.

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Constellation Acquires Integrys Energy Services

Expanding Opportunities This month, Constellation acquired Integrys Energy Services, Inc., to strengthen its retail power and gas business, and now serves approximately 2.

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More than 1 million Illinois residents now with a competitive retail electric supplier

Today, more than 1 million Illinois residents have completed at least one billing cycle with a competitive electricity supplier for the first time in the state’s history. Last year, there were only about 90,000 residents that fit this category.

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