Home Energy Savings How to fix drafty windows.

How to Fix Drafty Windows

Drafty windows bring a chill into your home during the winter. In the summer, they let air conditioned air escape.

Disaster Preparedness How to stay warm without electricity.

How to Stay Warm Without Electricity

Your comfort and safety depend on knowing how to heat a house without electricity. How to keep warm without power during winter is an important part of knowing what to do when the power goes out.

Disaster Preparedness What to do if pipes freeze.

How to Identify, Thaw, and Prevent Frozen Pipes

Water pipes freezing. The words can make your blood run cold.

Home Energy Savings How to prepare your lawn for winter.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Preparing your lawn for winter will help it thrive through the changing seasons. You can ensure a lush and healthy landscape if you know how to prepare a lawn for winter.

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Energy Efficiency How to precool your home.

How to Super Cool Your Home & Why You Should

Does super cooling your house work? Super cooling can be one way to beat the summer heat and take control of rising electric costs.

Small Business Energy Savings How to check and improve office air quality.

How to Test and Improve Office Air Quality

Office air quality is getting more attention. COVID highlighted the need for clean air and now, wildfire smoke is raising similar concerns, meaning indoor air quality is back in the headlines.

Home Energy Savings How to have an eco-friendly Christmas.

How to Make Your Christmas More Sustainable

These sustainable Christmas tips will help fully celebrate the holiday in ways that benefit the environment, reduce stress, and are easy on your budget. An eco-friendly Christmas can be free of any bah-humbug, yet will save energy and money with a few thoughtful adjustments in your plans and traditions.

Home Energy Savings How to insulate windows to keep heat out.

How to Insulate Windows to Keep Heat Out

Windows are the key to an efficiently insulated home. Insulating them well this summer will keep the burning rays of the sun from turning your home into an oven.

Small Business Energy Savings How to reduce your small business’s cleaning costs.

How to Reduce Your Small Business’s Cleaning Costs

How to reduce small business cleaning costs is a question with answers that can affect your bottom line. If you are able to reduce business cleaning costs without sacrificing an orderly and healthy working environment, you can improve your margins and operate more efficiently.

Small Business Energy Savings Types of energy efficient office equipment.

Choosing the Best Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

For most small business owners, finding ways to reduce operating costs is a never-ending task. Adopting the use of energy-efficient office equipment can help you reduce electricity consumption and limit your overall expenses.

Home Energy Savings How to choose solar lights.

How to Choose Solar Lights for Your Home

With so many options, knowing how to choose solar lights can be a challenge. Here is some advice that will help you make the best selections for your home.

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