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    May 8, 2023
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DIY Energy-Saving Projects

Small and simple energy efficiency projects around your home could have a big payoff when it comes to home improvements that may save you money. We have gathered this collection of easy energy conservation projects that may help the environment and protect your wallet.

Water Heater Projects to Increase Energy Savings

Most people don’t give much thought to their water heaters, but they are an excellent place to find energy savings. Doing just one of these fast fixes may increase your energy efficiency, and doing them in combination could possibly magnify the potential cost savings.

  • Insulate water heater tank. The EPA estimates you can cut the cost of heating your water by as much as 16% by adding a pre-cut tank jacket or blanket that costs about $20. It is readily available at most home improvement stores.
  • Insulating hot water pipes. While you are insulating your tank, pick up some pipe insulation, too. When you complete this energy conservation project, you won’t have to wait as long for hot water to make its way through your pipes and you won’t have to pay as much either.
  • Lowering water heating temperature. If you can live without long hot showers and long soaks in a steaming tub, consider lowering the temperature on your water heater. About 130 degrees is ideal for preventing bacteria from multiplying without wasting energy.

Weatherizing Projects to Increase Energy Savings

Weatherizing projects to increase energy savings.

Weatherizing your home before the summer heat or the winter cold is one of the home energy-saving ideas that may help you conserve money and could make your home much more comfortable. Sealing gaps around doors, windows and other openings will increase energy efficiency:

  • Use caulk to seal air ducts and air leaks. Look for where plumbing, electricity, and cable service comes into your house. In many cases, you will find gaps you can close with caulk. If your home is heated and cooled through ducts into each room, check for leaks that bleed cool or warm air and close them off.
  • Insulate and seal floors over garages without air conditioning. Unless your garage is well insulated, it likely experiences temperature extremes with the weather. Add the right types of weatherstripping to the door to your garage to keep that air out of your house. If you have a room over an uninsulated garage, simply adding a rug will improve the energy efficiency and comfort of the room.
  • Build an attic stairs cover box. You can add to the insulation value of your ceiling by making sure the attic door is properly covered. When it comes to energy efficiency projects that take a bit of effort, build a simple cover box. If you aren’t so handy, you can buy ready-made covers at home improvement stores.
  • Add pre-cut foam gaskets behind each outlet to stop leaks. On a cold day, put your hand near an electrical outlet. You might be surprised by the cold draft you can feel. Buy standardized gaskets that could put an end to this problem with a few twists of a screwdriver.

Window Projects to Increase Energy Savings

If you have drafty windows and can’t afford to replace them, you still have options for improving energy efficiency. These two inexpensive options are remarkably effective:

  • Install exterior storm windows with low-emissivity coating. Adding either an interior or exterior storm window with a coating that reflects heat into the house in the winter and reflects sun out in the summer is almost as energy efficient as replacing a window, according to the EPA.
  • Weather strip double hung/sash windows. Closing gaps in a window will cut down winter drafts and the loss of cool air in the summer. Follow a process that is much like how to weatherstrip a door.

Lighting Projects to Increase Energy Savings

Modern lighting technology makes it easy to cut electricity costs without sacrificing light quality or style. It doesn’t get easier with energy-saving ideas for your home.

  • Install compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs or LED lights. There are various types of LED lights, ranging from tiny fairy lights to full yard flood lights. You can also find them in cool, warm white, and often many other colors.
  • Unplug unused lights, and anything else you are not using. Many electric lights and devices draw a bit of “phantom power” even in the off position. Unplugging puts a stop to that.

Other Home Projects to Increase Energy Savings

Consider professionally conducted home energy audits from time to time. They are a great way to identify trouble areas and to prioritize investments in energy conservation projects. Some easy places to gain energy efficiency benefits are:

  • Install a programmable or smart thermostat. With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can optimize room temperatures while minimizing how hard your HVAC system has to work. You’ll find a choice of thermostat types on the market.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water when possible. You won’t pay to heat the water and you will save wear and tear on your clothes.
  • Replace or clean your air filters. The benefits of changing your home’s air filter are many–and doing it yourself is so easy and inexpensive.
  • Use smart power strips. Connecting your devices to your home hub through smart power strips will help you optimize how your devices are used.
  • Upgrade or conduct regular maintenance of your HVAC system. Having seasonal HVAC maintenance done will extend the life of your system and prevent breakdowns when you need it the most.

Learn More Energy Saving Tips from Constellation

These DIY energy-saving tips include just a few of the many easy energy saving projects you can do around your house. While you are at it, now may be a good time to consider comparing your home energy options or signing up for a home services plan. We are always innovating to give you flexibility when it comes to efficiently powering and maintaining your home.

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