Lesson Plan: Energy Careers
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    September 22, 2020
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    March 28, 2022

Lesson Plan: Energy Careers

We hope you have had a good time exploring lots of energy topics with us! As you may have seen through all of the fun lessons, there’s a lot to learn and explore within the topic of energy. A career in energy would allow you to explore energy every day! According to the U.S. Energy & Employment Report, over 6.7 million Americans are employed by the energy industry. The energy industry can include jobs ranging from engineer to executive, truck driver to technician, and marketing to meteorology. These activities and video content will help students get an introductory glimpse into careers within Constellation and beyond!

Looking for more home energy activities? We’re pleased to work with The National Energy Education Development Project (NEED), to deliver these fun activities. Be sure to check out their library of resources, and their specialized collection of energy-themed distance/at-home learning activities. All activities are totally free for use at home or school, and accessible by visiting their website, www.NEED.org.  For this unit, especially, check out their Careers guide, Energy Careers Excursion – free for PDF download at https://shop.need.org/products/energy-careers-excursion.

Watch, Learn and Explore!

It’s fun to learn about energy – but what if energy was part of your job, every day!  The energy industry is made up of companies big and small that help us find and use our energy each day. Constellation is just one company in a sea of companies across the globe working to bring people energy. Energy industry jobs can be hands-on and outdoors, or they can be indoors and working with a computer. Energy industry jobs are for everyone.  This activity will help you explore opportunities for energy jobs in your future. Watch the Constellation Energy Careers Videos, where you’ll hear about a variety of energy jobs, including HVAC Repair Technician, Energy Trader, Retail Operations Manager, Metorologist, Marketing, and more. Use one of the activity templates to research an energy career from the video or others you might find on the web. Complete your own version of a few trading cards, a resume, or a LinkedIn for a career or two that interest you! Then, come see your friends at Constellation when you’re ready for a job!


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