Winter gadgets to help you stay warm
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    December 14, 2021

Winter Gadgets to Help You Stay Warm

Staying warm has gone high tech with winter gadgets that help you beat the chill. Yes, putting on a sweater and fuzzy slippers still works, but smart technology for winter offers you a variety of ways to stay warm and safe during cold weather and save energy, too, in some cases.

10 of the best cold weather gadgets

Whether you are heading out into the cold or snuggling up inside, you have a choice of innovative winter products and gadgets to keep you warm. We have gathered this list of some of the best cold weather gadgets to consider this year as you go about getting yourself and your home ready for winter. And we also have some winter energy saving tips to share.

The best cold weather gadgets

1. Smart thermostat

Investing in smart thermostats is a great way to fine tune the temperature in your home. These modern thermostats offer smart technology for winter with a built-in mini-computer that connects to your WiFi and your smartphone. You can program the device to adjust the temperature by room and by time of day. You can also control your smart thermostats remotely. They can even “learn” how to improve your home heating efficiency.

2. Energy-efficient space heater

If you have a cold room or cold area in your house, an energy-efficient space heater is one of the winter gadgets that can really help you stay comfortable. Instead of using energy to raise the temperature inside your whole home, you can warm just that problem spot. Running a small heater just where you need it will use much less energy than cranking up your entire system. And if you use it in conjunction with a smart plug, you never have to wonder if you shut it off before leaving the home.

3. Electric fireplace

Adding an electric fireplace brings beauty and ambiance to your home–with the added benefit of supplying an efficient extra source of heat. They’re much cheaper to install than a traditional or gas fireplace and are much cleaner. You won’t have to haul in wood or haul out ashes. They’re also safer than open flame fireplaces, and because they’re electric, these fireplaces can be easily integrated into your smart home system.

4. Heated blankets

One of the best cold weather gadgets you can buy is a heated blanket. Rather than use energy to heat your entire bedroom, the heated blanket just heats you. You can choose from traditional models that plug into a wall. Other kinds run off a battery that you charge through a USB connection to keep you wirelessly warm for hours.

5. Air leak detectors

One of the more useful gadgets to keep you warm this winter is a device that helps you find air leaks in your home. Drafts of cold air not only make you feel chilly, they are a tremendous waste of energy. Your heating system has to work harder in a home where cold air seeps in and warm air leaks out. Devices that pinpoint where you have draft problems will tell you where you need to seal air leaks, and that will help you stay warm as you save energy.

6. Heating pads

Like heated blankets, heating pads are energy efficient winter gadgets that are very efficient in keeping you warm exactly where you need it. If you suffer from cold feet despite the temperature around you being generally warm, heating pads offer real benefits when the floor at home or work is cold. You can keep one under your desk to keep your feet toasty. Put one at the foot of your bed so that your feet warm up quickly and you can sleep better.

7. Battery-powered gloves

If you’re heading out into the cold, keeping your hands warm is a priority. Using electronic devices with touchscreens is a necessity in today’s world, which is tough when your hands are covered. Among the more innovative winter products are tech-enabled gloves.

They have battery powered heaters so they don’t have to be so thick, which makes handling electronics a challenge. Many are also made with touchscreen-friendly material on your fingertips so you can easily operate your devices.

8. Coffee maker and insulated mug

Whether you’re inside or outside, having something warm to drink heats up your core temperature and keeps you more comfortable when it’s chilly.

Many new types of coffee makers are available this year with plenty of smart technology for winter options. You can program your coffee maker to have a steaming cup ready for you when you wake up, for example. A well-insulated mug lets you bring your warm drinks into cold rooms, cars and the outside.

9. Jacket heating system

A heated jacket or vest is a way to stay warm without adding bulk. You don’t need a heavy and thick coat to stay warm if you are wearing one of these new wearable winter gadgets.

These garments integrate smart technology for winter with carbon fiber coils strategically placed around your neck, back and stomach. You can set the heat to low, medium or high, depending on the weather. They run off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some designs come with a USB outlet that you can use to charge your phone.

10. Smart bed heater

Better than a heated blanket is a smart bed heater. These can be a mattress or mattress topper that warms and cools through controls you set. This new smart technology for winter allows you to set dual zones, allowing one side to be cool and the other warm. You’ll be toasty during the winter and can save on air conditioning in the summer.

More tips for keeping your house warm over winter

The best cold weather gadgets will help you stay warm and do so with energy efficiency. You should still take a moment as cold weather sets in to prepare for the coming chill.

  • Seal your windows and doors. Eliminating drafts and places where warm air leaks out of your home is a good place to start. You can choose from a variety of types of weatherstripping that are easy to install and really do make a difference in sealing your home against the cold.
  • Close off unused areas of your home. If you have rooms that are rarely used, you can save on your heating bill by closing them off for the season. If you have zoned heating, you can set the temperature to keep above freezing, but not pay to make every room warm.
  • Add additional insulation to your walls. If you have cold areas in your home, you may not have enough wall insulation. Spray-in insulation is a relatively easy way to add warmth to your home.
  • Winterize your heating system. Do a test run to make sure everything is operating properly. Replace the filters and check all the connections. This is an ideal time to get a professional inspection and tune-up.
  • Insulate your hot water heater. Buying a specially designed blanket to cover your hot water heater ensures your hot water stays hot longer without having to use more energy.

It’s important to get ready for cold weather by preparing your home for winter. You can add comfort, convenience and energy efficiency with a few gadgets to keep you warm and cozy.

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