How to reduce your small business’s cleaning costs.
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    April 21, 2022

How to Reduce Your Small Business’s Cleaning Costs

How to reduce small business cleaning costs is a question with answers that can affect your bottom line. If you are able to reduce business cleaning costs without sacrificing an orderly and healthy working environment, you can improve your margins and operate more efficiently.

It is easy to get busy and neglect to think about many costs like paying for cleaning that add up over time. Yet, spending a few minutes figuring out ways to reduce office cleaning expenses is an investment in time that will pay off.

10 ways to reduce your business cleaning expenses

The importance of a clean office can’t be overlooked when it comes to presenting a professional impression, operating efficiently, and ensuring the health of your staff. Here are some cost-cutting ideas that can lower your operating costs, yet still ensure that you enjoy the benefits of having a clean work environment.

1. Buy products in bulk

Save money by buying cleaning products in bulk–especially if you can time your purchase during a promotion when prices are temporarily lower. In addition to lowering your cost for necessary cleaning supplies, you have back-up inventory on hand that prevents you from being out of supply. You won’t have to place an expensive rush order for supplies or be stuck waiting until products become available again.

2. Use multi-purpose cleaning products

Many cleaning products today are designed to be multi-purpose. You can clean surfaces, fixtures, even windows with the same product. Stocking just a few cleaning products simplifies everything and saves you money you would have to spend on multiple products.

3. Purchase high-quality cleaning supplies

Buy high-quality cleaning products and supplies, even though they may cost more upfront. Mops and wipes that hold up over multiple uses will give you better results and save you from the constant need to replace them. Test the products that give you the best results to make sure you are getting optimum performance for the money spent.

4. Install a chemical dispensing system

A chemical dispensing or dilution control system measures out the right amount of product for the job. You don’t waste chemicals by applying too much–or applying too little and having to re-apply. Regulating the amount of cleaning product used also minimizes the effect on the environment. You will reduce cleaning costs as you improve effectiveness.

5. Upgrade to powered cleaning equipment

Powered cleaning equipment is one way to reduce small business cleaning costs. Because powered equipment is more efficient, you can save cleaning staff time. You can also reduce the amount of cleaning product necessary to get the job done. Automatic floor scrubbers and backpack vacuum cleaners are two examples. You might even consider buying a robot vacuum to eliminate staff time and effort on this job altogether.

6. Invest in energy-efficient appliances

Cleaning appliances reduce the effort you need to expend on cleaning jobs. When you buy the right one, you can reduce office cleaning expenses while you trim your energy bill. Energy-efficient vacuum cleaners and dishwashers not only reduce your business’s cleaning costs and energy usage, they are more efficient and environmentally friendly. You will have cleaner dishes and floors, which are good for your office environment with lower impact on the ecosystem.

7. Teach efficient cleaning techniques to your employees

Efficient cleaning products and appliances only get you so far when it comes to how to reduce office cleaning expenses. You should put a little effort into teaching employees about the importance of a clean office and demonstrate efficient cleaning techniques and energy-saving practices. You can use office etiquette signs to reinforce proper cleaning and sanitation techniques. You might post a note about how to properly load a dishwasher and put up a post about how important it is to wipe up spills in the office refrigerator with a disinfectant.

8. Perform regular maintenance on your equipment

Ensuring that your cleaning equipment is in good working order will ensure that it lasts longer and performs better over its useful life. Performing routine maintenance on your cleaning equipment will save you extra cleaning time and effort and will minimize the money you spend replacing equipment. In both cases you reduce business cleaning costs.

9. Reduce clutter and improve organization

You might not think about clutter when you think about how to reduce small business cleaning costs. Clutter is inefficient. It attracts dirt and grime and makes it harder to clean. You can cut the time and effort you spend cleaning and improve workplace organization for better efficiency. These office organization ideas make it easier to figure out where to start, how to cut clutter, and how to stay organized. Stacks of notes and documents are a primary culprit when it comes to clutter, so going paperless at work can reduce clutter and cut cleaning expenses.

10. Compare different cleaning product suppliers

By testing different cleaning products, you can determine the best options for your company. You can then also evaluate suppliers to see which ones give you the best service, terms and prices. If you are outsourcing cleaning to a service, look at years of service, recommendations and ratings, hiring and training practices, insurance–and, of course, terms and prices.

The importance of cleanliness in the workplace

The benefits of a clean work environment aren’t just about appearances. The importance of a clean office has real business benefits.

The benefits of having a clean work environment.

5 benefits of having a clean work environment

As you consider how to reduce small business cleaning costs, here are some of the additional benefits of a clean office.

  1. Prevents the spread of germs and illnesses. Clean offices reduce disease. The health of your employees should be your top priority. Not only is it good for them, it cuts sick days and potentially your health and liability insurance costs.
  2. Boosts productivity. When offices are orderly and clean, workers can be more efficient, energetic and constructive.
  3. Increases employee and customer safety. Orderly offices reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Without clutter to trip over or grimy floors to slip on, safety for you, your staff and your customers is enhanced.
  4. Gives visitors a good impression. A clean and orderly place of business projects professionalism, competence, and a detail-oriented focus. You show you care. When your workplace is in order, it is more likely that your products and services will also meet that standard. People will want to do business with you.
  5. Improves organization and efficiency. You won’t waste time searching around for a part or tool when your workplace is well-ordered. With distractions out of the way, staff can focus on the work and be more efficient and productive.

When you put effort into thinking about how to reduce small business cleaning costs, you achieve more than reducing office cleaning expenses, you improve your image, productivity, health and safety–and save energy, too.

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