Home Energy Savings

Home is where the heart is; it’s also where home energy savings start. We’ve got home energy savings tips on everything from attic insulation and discovering air leaks to how to best run your appliances. Check out our 31 Days of Energy Savings guide to get started. Follow our appliance energy efficiency comparison series, including posts on gas vs. electric dryers and microwaves vs. toaster ovens vs. ovens.

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Tips to Reduce Energy Usage During Winter

Did you know that heating and cooling account for about 56% of your home energy use? So, in the midst of winter when you need to keep your home warm, you’ll need to get creative with how you can keep your energy bill as low as possible.

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Reviewing the Wonders of Lighting

Over the course of this past month, we published a series of blogs that provided information on energy efficient lighting, best practices for lighting design, proper lighting disposal, and the benefits of certain kinds of light bulbs. Below is a summary of each lighting blog we published.

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Lighting Up the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

Don’t let electricity costs dampen your holiday spirit. These tips should help you keep down electricity costs (and prevent a power outage) if you’re interested in decorating your home with lights.

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The Light You Need, With the Cost Savings You Deserve

We’ve talked plenty about the pros and cons of light bulbs, but a discussion about energy efficiency shouldn’t be restricted to this alone. We need to talk about lighting efficiency, a broader topic that includes everything from lighting design to the use of timers, sensors, and dimmers.

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CFLs: What You Need to Know About Recycling & Disposal

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are great energy savers. But, there’s a slight catch – they contain mercury.

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Navigating the Labyrinth of Light Bulb Choices

It’s that time of year. The hours of daylight are getting shorter.

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It’s Simple: Regular AC maintenance equals energy savings

Running your air conditioner in the dog days of summer isn’t cheap. In fact, it can account for more than 50 percent of your energy bill.

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Memorial Day weekend travel & staying at home energy tips

This Memorial Day weekend, many of us will either begin our holiday travel plans or stay close to home and fire up our grills. Whichever plans fit your long weekend, be sure to keep energy efficiency and conservation on your mind!

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Roundup of this month’s easy energy savings tips

Is your Facebook account gathering dust? Has your Twitter feed grown out of control?

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Three easy ways to conserve energy

Whenever you save energy, you can save money while reducing your environmental impact. Conserving energy doesn’t require many heavy sacrifices around the house and there are many energy efficient materials and strategies for almost every room in your house.

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Three ways to conserve energy while using your appliances

Conserving energy can go beyond just lowering your thermostat. At BGE HOME, we take great pride in helping Maryland residents make their homes more energy efficient.

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