31 ways to save energy in your home
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    January 1, 2016
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31 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Small, everyday changes in your power consumption can be easy to make. They don’t cost much, but they can add up to real energy savings. Here are 31 tips — one for each day of the month, plus a few bonus suggestions — for ways to save energy at home in your daily life with very little effort. Some of these ideas are obvious, some not so much, but all are simple ways to save energy that are good for the environment and could potentially help with your monthly energy bill too.

Select a section below for ways to save energy in your home

  1. Rethink how you use your household appliances
  2. Get help from Mother Nature to save energy at home
  3. Adapt your daily energy habits
  4. Adjust your device and appliance settings to save energy at home
  5. Consider using an energy-saving alternative
  6. Make small investments to achieve long-term results
  7. Switch to energy-efficient appliances and electronics
  8. Prevent leaks in your house
  9. Maintain your home and appliances to keep saving energy
  10. Prevent energy waste when you’re away from home

Print out this poster to keep yourself motivated and start saving energy today!

The key to saving energy at home every day is to stay aware and motivated. Print this poster and put it up somewhere you and your family will see it. If you have little kids, they can color it as a fun way to include them and inspire them to do their part.
printable 31 ways to save energy sheet

Simple strategies to save energy in your home

The easy way to save energy at home is to make small changes in habits and to perform some basic regular maintenance. Here’s a comprehensive list of energy-saving strategies to work into your daily life — summer, winter and year-round.

Rethink how you use your household appliances

In most homes, appliances are the major drivers of energy use. These simple adjustments are great ways to save energy:

Energy-Saving Tip 1: Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.

ways to save energy - wash only full loads of laundry
Your clothes washer and dishwasher are designed to run most efficiently with full loads. And more than that, if you run them only when full, you run them less often, which really cuts energy use.

Energy-Saving Tip 2: Wash clothes with cold water.

energy saving tip - wash clothes in cold water
Clothes washers and laundry detergents are designed to work efficiently with cold water. If you only wash with hot water when you need to disinfect, you could save $60 or more a year.

Energy-Saving Tip 3: Keep your appliances clean.

energy saving tip keep appliances clean
Every appliance runs more efficiently when filters are clear of dust and door seals are free of gunk.

Energy-Saving Tip 4: Keep the oven door closed while cooking.

ways to save energy tip - keep oven door closed
The temperature in your oven can drop 25 degrees or more every time you open the oven door.

Energy-Saving Tip 5: Don’t stand in front of an open refrigerator door.

energy saving tip - dont stand in front of open fridge
The longer the fridge door is open, the harder the appliance has to work to maintain a cool temperature. Decide what you want in advance to minimize the amount of time the fridge or freezer door is open.

BONUS TIP: Automate your appliances with smart assistants.

energy saving tip - use smart assistants
Smart assistants make it possible to control your appliances, even while away. With smart assistant routines, you can control your appliances and turn them off remotely to save time and energy.

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Get help from Mother Nature to save energy at home

Sometimes the best way to save energy is simply not to use it at all. Here are some energy-saving tips that involve letting nature take its course:

Energy-Saving Tip 6: Air-dry clothes.

energy saving tip - air dry clothes
There’s nothing quite like the smell of sheets, towels and clothes that have been dried out in the fresh air. Consider air-drying clothes on an old-fashioned clothes line or even hanging them inside the house. Alternatively, use an energy-efficient dryer.

Energy-Saving Tip 7: Air-dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle.

ways to save energy - air dry dishes
Select the air-dry option on your dishwasher. Crack it open after the rinse cycle and your dishes will dry without a single kilowatt being used. You’ll also save energy by keeping your kitchen cooler.

Energy-Saving Tip 8: Open curtains facing the sun.

energy saving tip - open curtains facing the sun.
Even the most efficient windows allow energy to pass through. Sunlight beating down all day can really heat your interior. At night, close curtains and blinds to create another layer of insulation. During the day, let the light shine in during cold weather, but block it when it’s hot.

BONUS TIP: Bring in more natural light with mirrors and bright walls.

energy saving tip - bring in natural light with mirrors and paint
Make the most of natural light with bright decorating choices, strategically placed mirrors and putting workspaces near windows so that you don’t need to keep the lights on all day.

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Adapt your daily energy habits

Changing your habits will have a major effect on your power use. When thinking about ways to save energy at home, putting thought into the little things has a big impact.

Energy-Saving Tip 9: Switch out incandescent lights.

energy saving tip - turn off lights when not in the room
Traditional light bulbs waste 95% of the energy they use giving off heat, with only 5% going toward light. Switch them out or use them sparingly. Leaving them on for long periods is highly wasteful.

Energy-Saving Tip 10: Take shorter, cooler showers.

ways to save energy tip - take shorter showers
Cut the energy used by your hot water heater by taking shorter, cooler showers. Consider that a typical shower uses 2.5 gallons of hot water a minute. Cutting your daily shower by four minutes will save 3,650 gallons a year.

Energy-Saving Tip 11: Turn off electronics and appliances when they’re not in use.

energy saving tip - turn off electronics when not in use
Leaving your computer on while idle wastes electricity and shortens the life of your machine. The same goes for televisions, printers and other electronics. If you see the indicator light on, you’re burning power needlessly.

BONUS TIP: Unplug battery chargers when not in use.

energy saving tip - unplug battery chargers when they are fully charged
Many devices, including battery chargers, draw power continuously, even when not in use. Cut so-called vampire power consumption and save a bundle.

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Adjust your device and appliance settings to save energy at home

If you’re willing to be a little flexible with the thermostat and be aware of when and how you’re using energy, you can easily reduce waste.

Energy-Saving Tip 12: Adjust your thermostat according to the time of day.

ways to save energy - install programmable thermostat
Reduce energy use at home by adjusting the thermostat day and night, as well as when you’re away or at work.

Energy-Saving Tip 13: Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120 F.

ways to save energy - lower your thermostat on your water heater.
Heating water is the third-largest use of energy in most homes. Turning down the thermostat a few degrees cuts consumption without reducing comfort.

Energy-Saving Tip 14: Set your computer to sleep or hibernate mode.

ways to save energy - set computers to sleep or hibernate mode You use much less energy than by leaving your computer on with a screen saver.

Energy-Saving Tip 15: Avoid using the rinse-and-hold setting on your dishwasher.

ways to save energy tip - avoid using rinse hold setting on dishwasher
This setting uses 3 to 7 more gallons of water than a regular wash cycle.

BONUS TIP: Raise your room temperature slowly to keep your bill lower.

ways to save energy tip - raise temperature slowly
If you have a heat pump, quickly raising its temperature activates the heat strip, which uses more energy.

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Consider using an energy-saving alternative

Get chores done without plugging something in. Think of a broom instead of a vacuum. And if you do use an appliance, right-sizing to a smaller appliance helps. A hand-held mini-vac uses less energy than your full-size upright.

Energy-Saving Tip 16: Use a microwave or toaster oven instead of your conventional oven.

ways to save energy tip - use microwave to cook leftovers
You’d be surprised how much you can cook, beyond just warming leftovers, in these energy-saving appliances.

Energy-Saving Tip 17: Use the dishwasher instead of washing by hand.

energy saving tip - use dishwasher instead of hand washing
An electric dishwasher doesn’t just save effort; it saves energy, using 5,000 fewer gallons of hot water per year compared to washing by hand.

BONUS TIP: Use your electric kettle to boil water instead of a microwave.

energy saving tip - use electric kettle
It focuses energy on efficient heating, boiling water faster with less electricity.

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Make small investments to achieve long-term results

Here are a few things you can buy that increase the energy efficiency of your current appliances. They don’t cost much money and don’t require expert installation, which make them easy ways to save energy at home.

Energy-Saving Tip 18: Plug home electronics into power strips.

ways to save energy tip - plug electronics into power strips
Turn the power strips off when equipment is not in use. You’ll stop these devices from using energy when idle with one convenient switch.

Energy-Saving Tip 19: Install low-flow shower heads.

ways to save energy tip - install low flow shower headsy
Shower heads that give good water pressure with fewer gallons per minute (under 2.5 gpm are best) will cut water and energy consumption.

Energy-Saving Tip 20: Add aerators to your faucets.

ways to save energy tip - add aerators to faucets
Choose aerators with a flow rate of no more than 1.0 gpm for maximum savings.

BONUS TIP: Add an insulating blanket to older water heaters.

ways to save energy - insulating blanket for water heaters
These can reduce standby heat loss by 25%–45% and save about 4%–9% in water heating costs.

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Switch to energy-efficient appliances and electronics

Modern appliances are dramatically more efficient than they were even 10 years ago. Whether in your kitchen, your laundry room or your office, ENERGY STAR® options make it easy to compare and find what will work best and use the least electricity.

Energy-Saving Tip 21: Use ENERGY STAR-qualified CFL and LED bulbs.

way to save energy tip - use energy star cfl and led bulbs
LEDs and CFLs use a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs — and they last longer.

Energy-Saving Tip 22: Replace older home appliances with energy-efficient models.

ways to save energy - replace old appliances with energy star
From air conditioners to coffee makers, you’ll find multiple ways to save energy and money by buying new ENERGY STAR® products.

Energy-Saving Tip 23: Use energy-efficient entertainment and home office electronics.

energy saving tip - use energy efficient electronics
Computers, televisions, game systems and printers make big demands on home energy use as well. These also come with ENERGY STAR® ratings to help you make efficient choices.

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Prevent leaks in your house

It isn’t enough to buy energy-efficient products and use them with care. You may still be wasting energy if your home isn’t well insulated. Here are the common problem areas in most homes:

Energy-Saving Tip 24: Insulate heating ducts.

way to save energy tip - insulate heating ducts
Some 20%-30% of warm or cool air in your home is lost to leaky air ducts.

Energy-Saving Tip 25: Seal air leaks.

ways to save energy tip - seal air leaks
Sealing air leaks around doors, windows and gaps where gas, water and electricity come in can save between 5% and 30% of your energy use, according to Energy.gov.

Energy-Saving Tip 26: Insulate hot-water pipes.

ways to save energy tip - insulate hot water pipes
Keeping water hot while traversing pipes by adding insulation can raise its temperature at the point of use between 2 and 4 degrees Fahrenheit. You can turn down your hot water heater without sacrificing comfort.

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Maintain your home and appliances to keep saving energy

Clean appliances and a clean home will keep everything running at optimum energy efficiency. Less dust in the air is healthier, and less gunk in your systems means they run smoothly and use less electricity.

Energy-Saving Tip 27: Clean your air ducts.

energy saving tip - clean your air ducts regularly
In a typical house, you can save 25%-40% on the energy your HVAC systems use by cleaning your air ducts regularly.

Energy-Saving Tip 28: Clean/replace filters in your furnace.

ways to save energy tip - clean or replace furnace filters
EnergyStar.gov recommends changing the air filters every three months. A dirty filter slows down airflow and makes the system work harder.

Energy-Saving Tip 29: Clean the dryer lint filter regularly to keep your dryer running efficiently.

ways to save energy tip - clean dryer lint filter
Cleaning the filter isn’t enough. Use the long nozzle on your vacuum to clean the ventilation tubing.

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Prevent energy waste when you’re away from home

When you aren’t living in your house for a significant length of time, you can really save energy by adjusting your systems and disconnecting all but critical appliances. Check out these energy-saving tips for when you’re away from home:

Energy-Saving Tip 30: Turn off your water heater if you plan on leaving home for a few days.

energy saving tip - turn off water heater if leaving home for many days
Most models will quickly reheat the water when you return home.

Energy-Saving Tip 31: Install a timer for your water heater.

ways to save energy - install timer on water heater
You don’t have to go out of town to turn off your water heater. Timers can switch it off after your morning shower and switch it back on again just before you get home, saving the waste of it running all day.

BONUS TIP: Turn off your appliances from anywhere with smart plugs.

energy saving tip - use smart plugs

Smart plugs allow you to remotely control appliances, lights and HVAC systems in your house, switching them off when you’re out and then back on when you return.

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If you’re wondering why it’s important to save energy at home, the reasons are many. First of all, reducing power usage is better for the environment. You’ll help keep the air cleaner and conserve resources. Being energy-efficient is also budget-efficient — saving energy saves money.

Teaching your children ways to save energy at home makes them responsible at an early age and creates lifelong responsible habits. A few easy changes can preserve a happier and healthier world for generations to come.

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Elizabeth Miller - 1/20/2022

Convenient post and easy to apply, thank you!

Manpreet Singh Chawla - 4/27/2021

As solar equipment aren’t too much affordable for people, switching to LED lights is the far better solution to save electricity costs in India. These lights not only consume almost 60-70% less energy than traditional lights but also run for a longer duration.

Nigel - 9/25/2020

Very handy tips. Especially for those who really wanna save up energy. Thanks!

Jacob Lindenberg - 4/19/2020

In cold winter months it helps to leave your oven open after you are done cooking so the heat doesn’t go to waste.

Glow Green - 4/17/2020

Thanks for taking time to write these amazing tips to save energy. It is high time for every single person to follow these tips to make our environment a better place to live in.

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energy is the best.Iove it.

Eileen Cleary - 3/19/2020

Typographical error in Energy Saving Tip 9 about incandescent lights

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Is there a easy way to check if there’s enough insulation in a closed wall ?? Is there a way to see if there’s insulation in the wall !! Have a cold rec. room—had heat checked but I think there’s not enough !!

Bob Mullins - 3/19/2020

Excellent tips, very helpful and educational thanks very much hopefully more customers take advantage of your kindness.

Nilesh Asolkar - 2/12/2020

Very good, you have told all the examples from 1 to 32 very well so that we can reduce energy consumption.Thanks
Some of the power saver devices just correct the fluctuations in the electricity and this also helps in saving electricity. Many of the available devices are of the same kind. Glad that you have reviewed it. OHM Assistant is one of the best power monitors available in market that helps one to monitor electricity consumption by home appliances. It is connected to your smartphone using easy to use interface. This power monitoring device helps to figure which electronics appliances are using the highest energy, using these details one can replace their old devices with energy-efficient devices; leading to power saving and saving on electricity bills.

Ten Worldwide - 1/29/2020

Informative but it seems so long to read. You can explain these points Lil briefs. Anyways, keep in mind for next time. Large pictures make it look extra long. Keep posting. The best thing is that you took every tiny issue like switch button and saving from drying. Thank you

Pawan Ranta - 1/18/2020

The best energy saving tip for home users is .. replace incandescent/fluorescent bulbs with LED lights.

Raka Adhyatma - 1/10/2020

thank you very much! this is very easy and need to applicate by anyone at home. very innnovative and simple way. may our earth getting better with green energy

Easy EPC - 1/3/2020

These are some great suggestions for ways to improve energy efficiency in homes. Simply replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs can do a lot to improve energy efficiency. If you want suggestions specific to your home, you can hire an industry professional to complete a MEES report which will offer you the most economical ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Brilliant tips! During winters, we use a lot of electricity to heat up our indoors. Make sure you have a plan to seal the gaps of your doors and windows, through which freeze air can come. Set timer on your appliances. Say good bye to incandescent bulbs and welcome LEDs.

Eric Hasko - 7/12/2019

The biggest way to save money on energy is to become educated and break bad habits. What good is an LED bulb if the light is left on all day? What good is a low flow shower head if you still take an hour shower? Energy efficient products + good habits = a lot of saved money.

Trevor - 6/29/2019

Solar panels can significantly reduce or eliminate your energy bill and you can feel good about it. Much cleaner and renewable energy

    Constellation - 7/10/2019

    Hi Trevor – We agree that solar energy is a cleaner energy source. You can feel good about how you’re using your energy and your efficiency. Thank you!


Washing full loads of clothes and dishes does help in saving energy and monthly power bills. CFLs are better than halogen bulbs and LEDs are better than both, when comes to choosing an option that is environment-friendly.

    Constellation - 7/10/2019

    We couldn’t agree more! We appreciate you checking out our blog. Come back for more tips and tricks on how to conserve energy in your home. Thank you!

Constellation - 6/5/2019

You’re welcome! We’re glad you found the tips useful. Keep checking back for more posts that can help you save energy in and around the home!


Thumbs up for your tips. With my experience of saving energy, I can say putting on the timer while planning to use the air-conditioning unit at night can make a huge difference. Iron clothes in bulk by scheduling a specific day every week Keep in mind that iron takes way more electricity when you just open it.

    Constellation - 6/5/2019

    We’re glad you found our tips useful! And we appreciate your tips as well. It’s great you’ve found other ways to save energy!

Save on Electricity usage - 2/22/2019

I like very fact and detail it gives. Your blog was filled with interesting ideas! But I would like to add one, try to invest in renewable power sources if it is available in your place. Install some solar panels that will surely help you with power bill problems.

    Constellation Community Team - 3/8/2019

    We agree that investing in renewable energy resources — that’s why Constellation offers renewable energy plans in select states!

Michael Joseph - 1/31/2019

epic tips on saving energy and electricity bills! if i may add – installing shades or blinds on windows that have direct sun exposure could also minimize warmth getting into the house, hence it saves energy.

    Constellation Community Team - 3/8/2019

    Michael, we agree! Installing blinds, curtains, or blinds can help keep the cool air in.

Megha - 12/19/2018

Good post with helpful suggestions! People don’t save energy for environment. They do it for to reduce their next electricity bill. Please do your bit to help environment to sustain for long.

    Constellation Community Team - 1/23/2019

    Hi Meghan, we agree – saving energy for the environment, in addition for your electricity bill, is a wise way to go through life!

Peter Agudelo - 12/17/2018

Thanks for your incredible tips to save energy, additionally I use a device that I have acquired and it has given me good results I recommend them.

    Constellation Community Team - 1/23/2019

    Hi Peter, that’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing.

Kaylee - 12/15/2018

Wonderful new way to save money and power 😁

    Constellation Community Team - 1/23/2019

    Hi Kaylee, we’re happy to help!

Olivia - 11/14/2018

The information you provided in your blog was very good. It provided me with great knowledge about energy efficiency tools. I am really satisfied after reading the post.

    Constellation Community Team - 1/23/2019

    Hi Olivia, that’s fantastic to hear. Thanks for visiting!

Deborah - 10/9/2018

In the UK we have on/off switches for each plug socket… Make sure you switch them off!

    Constellation Community Team - 11/7/2018

    Hi Deborah, we love the way the UK uses switched socket outlets. They’re excellent for energy conservation. This is a great energy-saving suggestion for any UK readers, thanks for contributing!

Emma Miah - 8/25/2018

Last year, I spent some considerable time resolving my girlfriend’s utility bills due to a whole host of complicated issues such as billing for incorrect meter, non-reconciliation of payment, final payment notices plus interest. Eventually all resolved with nothing to pay, but took 5 months of calls, emails and documentation. Thankfully, my girlfriend had all the documentation from the specialist who had visited 6 months prior to confirm meter for the premises and the correct meter number.

We also had an issue with outstanding gas debt (caused by her ex). Resolved the debt through a re-payment plan per month, agreeing fixed amount per month and last payment date – especially as she moved to a new (modern) premises, so we needed agreement to tie up loose ends.

    Constellation Community Team - 8/29/2018

    Hi Emma, it seems like you’ve been diligently working to reduce your energy costs and cutting down debt! You’ve been making great energy decisions. Another way you might be able to bring stability to your energy budget could be through a Constellation fixed-rate natural gas plan.

Hilton Electrical - 6/11/2018

These are really great tips on saving energy at home. Unplugging the unused electricals at home is one of the best tips on saving energy, and not just it can save energy and electricity, it also prevents bad happenings like fire or electrical shortage and other stuffs due to unplugged electricals.

    Constellation Community Team - 7/16/2018

    Hi Hilton Electric, thank you! Yes, we agree — unplugging your electrical devices while not in use has a wide array of positive effects.

Judith - 2/22/2018

Very good ideas how to save energy. I also want to share mine which is using natural source of light and in the same time I’m saving money.Thank you for all the tips and hopefully even mine will help.

    Constellation Community Team - 2/28/2018

    Judith, thanks so much for the kind words, and your helpful tips!

phil - 2/16/2018

Thank you
This is a great article.I am really fond of energy saving and renewal energy. Also please check this out. Solar and turbine setup totally for complete beginners, very very helpful.

    Constellation Community Team - 2/28/2018

    Phil, that’s great to hear, and we are too!

Maria - 2/24/2016

I do 90 percent of these things. In fact I unplug almost everything when I am not using it …tv toaster coffee pot microwave lights. I have GO thermal heating and air. There are only 3 adults living in my 2200 sq ft house and we are not here most days. Our electric bill runs between 300.00-500.00 per month. What are we doing wrong ?? Any suggestions???
Thank you

    Constellation Community Team - 8/9/2017

    Hi, Maria: Thank you so much for expressing your concerns. There are lots of small changes you can make in your home, and it sounds like you’re really doing your part to be energy efficient. Perhaps there’s something that you’re not aware of that’s affecting your energy consumption. It might be a good idea for you to consider a home energy audit in order to see if your home has air leaks, cracks or some other inefficiencies that could be affecting your costs. I have more information on energy audits here: https://blog.constellation.com/2015/12/11/what-is-a-energy-audit-how-to-find-a-home-energy-auditor/

A. Whitley - 2/18/2016

Very informative. Dispelled some myths. And the quiz and 31 tips were fun to read. Thanks!

Nancy Johnson - 2/2/2016

Are the timers for water heaters available in hardware stores as seen in Tip # 21?

    Constellation Community Team - 8/9/2017

    Hi Nancy, great question! Yes, you should be able to purchase a water heater timer at your local hardware store, a big-box home improvement store or any other general department or discount store that sells appliances.

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