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    November 18, 2020

The Magic of Voice-Control

In these topsy-turvy times, we all need a helping hand to make life’s little chores a bit less stressful. For example, something as mundane as shutting down the house for the night can seem challenging. You’ve just watched the late-night talk show host do his monologue and all you want to do is roll over and fall asleep. Thanks to the ubiquitous voice control technology in smart assistants, you just need to say the magic words and you can close your eyes for the night.

How the Smart Home Genie Grants 3 Wishes: Saving Time, Saving Energy, and Granting You Peace of Mind

Magic words?  Just say “Set Good-night” to your smart speaker and the TV switches off (no looking under the bed for the remote), the bedside light and the hallway light both switch off and, thermostat temperature sets to your sleepy-time set point. It’s smart home magic, with no app to open or buttons to push. A simple voice command triggers it all.

How much easier is your life at home with voice control?

How about those mornings when you are rushing out for an early tee-time…just say “Away” to your smart speaker and the coffee pot turns off, the lights all switch off, the bedroom TV showcasing the morning news powers down, as well as, the energy-hungry power brick for your laptop switches off. Knowing you have left your home with no non-essential power being used is a great way to start the day with peace of mind.

Voice-controlled smart home assistants can do so much more than give you the weather report when paired with a smart hub and a few home devices. You can combine the functions of these devices by creating “scenes.” Scenes can let you simplify the commands you regularly use, by rolling them up into one activity which you can then teach your smart speaker to activate using your voice. So instead of “turn off bedroom light, turn off hall light, turn off bathroom light, set thermostat to 72 degrees, turn off TV”…the voice command is simply “Set Goodnight”. Those extra two minutes your smart home set-up has saved you can add up to an extra hour of sleep each month, a nice bonus from the smart home genie.

Save energy and time with your smart home

But the magic doesn’t end there. Setting up scenes to turn devices off when, not in use can also work to reduce your monthly energy bill.  These small smart actions can have a cumulative effect on the energy used and can go a long way in cutting down on wasted wattage. As well as saving you time and energy to spend more time living and less time worrying about your home.  Who knew your voice had the power to do that?


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