Lesson Plan: Red Goes Green Movement
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    April 15, 2021
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    March 28, 2022

Lesson Plan: “Red Goes Green” Energy Conservation

Hey Phillies Phans – Join the ‘Red Goes Green’ movement by learning about energy conservation!

This lesson aims to introduce students to energy saving behaviors and why it is important to save or conserve energy at home and even at the ballpark. Energy conservation is the decision and practice of using less energy. Energy conservation can be easy to start, because it is based on our decisions and behaviors. These decisions and behaviors can lead to a positive change in our environment by reducing energy sources, pollution, and more!

Students will first become acquainted with all the ways in which they use energy each day at home, at school, and on the road. Students will then take a survey of their energy behaviors and decisions and look for ways they can try to practice energy conservation as a household. For each suggested grade band, you’ll see some quick text for reading as well as a worksheet for reinforcement. All four grade bands can then complete the same survey and contract with their household.  If your student is advanced, or needs more support, feel free to scale up or down within the levels, or encourage them to complete multiple activities from the different levels.

Primary Grades K-2

*Primary reading is structured with the student reader page first, and the teacher/adult page second. Younger or less advanced readers can read along with the student pages, and the teacher pages may be read aloud to them. Advanced readers may be able to read most on their own.

Elementary Grades 3-5

Intermediate Grades 6-8

Secondary Grades 9-12

Get Hands-on

  • Energy Conservation Contract has students working with the members of their household to survey and rate their energy-using behaviors. The activity encourages the family or household to gather qualitative and some quantitative data from their surveys and ratings to then develop a contract of energy-saving behaviors they will act upon. Then, conduct the ratings survey again. Can the students and their household identify some savings?

Additional Support

Fall Lesson Plans:

Spring Lesson Plans:

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