What is a smart garage door opener?
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    March 29, 2022

What Is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

Wondering how to choose a smart garage door opener? And what is the answer to the question, are smart garage door openers worth it? Here is an update on the technology. Smart technology makes your home more responsive to your needs, increases security and can save you energy. The benefits of smart garage door openers are something to consider as you weigh your options.

How do smart garage door openers work?

The technologies behind how smart garage door openers work include an electronic device that connects to your smart home via Wi-Fi and a controller. The controller can be a separate device, but more commonly is your smartphone. Smart garage door openers use motors and electricity to open and close your garage door just like traditional devices. The difference is that they are now controlled and programmable through your smart home system.

How do smart garage door openers work?

7 benefits of smart garage door openers

The benefits of a smart home are many. The benefits of smart garage door openers include all of those–and a few more. These benefits can help you decide of this smart home device is worth it:

  1. Improve your home’s security. Traditional garage door openers are notoriously easy to open by the wrong people. Thieves have been known to cruise down streets trying various radio signals until they find one that opens a door. A smart garage door opener can keep your smart home secure.
  2. Never forget to close your garage door. It is easy to forget to close your garage door or perhaps you have kids that are not careful. You can use your smartphone to check if your garage door is open and order it closed when you connect a smart garage door opener.
  3. Control your garage door from anywhere. When your smart garage door opener connects to your system, you can open and close it from anywhere.
  4. Protect your packages and other deliveries. Another one of the benefits of smart garage door openers is that you can prevent package theft. You can open your garage for delivery drivers and close it after they leave your merchandise, keeping packages locked up and out of sight.
  5. Set a schedule for your garage door. Set an automated schedule for your garage door so that you are not sitting idle in your car waiting for it to open when you come home from work.
  6. Keep track of who’s coming and going. Smart garage door openers keep track of when your garage was opened or closed and at what time, so you can keep tabs on who is accessing your house.
  7. Your smartphone serves as your garage door remote. You always have your hand on your garage door because it connects to and is controlled by your smartphone. You won’t have to search around for a lost garage door remote.

Factors to consider when purchasing a smart garage door opener for your home

When thinking of smart home upgrades to help sell your house and to make it more livable now, a smart garage door opener is worth considering. How to choose a smart garage door opener depends on these factors:

Desired features

The basics behind what is a smart garage door opener are just the starting point. You will want to look at the drive mechanism, which is how smart garage door openers work to open and close your garage. Chains are inexpensive and up to heavy lifts. Belt and direct drives are quieter, but can’t lift as much. Also look for things like lights, cameras and sensors. Be sure the system you buy is compatible with your smart home system.


Determine how much you can afford before you begin shopping for a smart garage door opener. Features and prices vary wildly. Think about what features you will really use to avoid paying too much.

WiFi capability

Smart garage door openers connect to your Wi-Fi. You need WiFi already set up in your home in order to connect it to your smart garage door opener. Check to see if the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach your garage. You can add a booster to your system to ensure you can connect.

Installation costs

Take installation costs into account. If you are replacing an analog system with a smart garage door opener of the same type, installation may be straightforward and cheaper. If you need to add smart home wiring to your home, your costs will be higher. If you can do it yourself, you can save money.

Can you install a smart garage door opener yourself?

Setting up your smart home and integrating a garage door opener can be a breeze if you are handy with a screwdriver and are a technology whiz, plus self-installation can save you money. When you enlist the help of a professional, however, you can enjoy the convenience and might get better quality work. The biggest reason for giving the job to a pro, though, is that you have someone to go to when something goes wrong. You won’t be stuck troubleshooting yourself.

Make your smart home safer and more convenient

Devices like smart garage door openers are part of the future of smart homes and connected technology. When you invest in a smart garage door opener, you can increase your home’s safety and add convenience to your day-to-day life. Now that you know how to choose a smart garage door opener, you are on your path to enjoying the benefits they provide.

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