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  • Published:
    March 29, 2013
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    August 10, 2020

Top 10 Green Game Tips (Submitted by Chicago Blackhawks Fans)

In honor of our Green Game with the Chicago Blackhawks held at the United Center on April 1st, fans were asked to submit their best Green Game tips!

Compiled below is a list of the top 10 tips submitted by Blackhawks fans.

1) Instead of driving 1.25 miles to the gym, I run when it’s warm (I’m in the 5th year of my ‘Jog to the Gym’ program, shooting on running for 100 days or 250 miles).

2) Bring a “reusable” grocery bag to the store instead of using paper or plastic “throwaway” bags.

3) I manage a Starbucks… Bring your own mug or buy one of the $1 reusable cups to save money AND the earth!

4) Vow to wash all your loads of laundry in cold water.

5) Unplug devices once they are fully charged. Many people don’t know, but phone and computer chargers continue to suck power even if your device has been disconnected.

6) Put your lights and heater on timers. That way, even if you forget to turn things off or down, the timers will pick up the slack.

7) Cleaned out the fridge and unplugged everything in the house for spring break! Also, started a carpool for school. Convenient and green!

8) Don’t bag your grass clippings or leaves when cutting your grass. Instead, mulch them. They act as a natural fertilizer and create less waste.

9) Reset the margins on your documents before they print to the lowest available settings – the amount of paper you can save (and ultimately keep out of landfills) is AMAZING!

10) Watch every Blackhawks game with all of the lights turned off.

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