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Small Business Energy Savings Small business trends in 2024.

Small Business Trends for 2024

Emerging small business trends are reshaping how businesses will operate this year and beyond. Technology that was recently only available to larger corporations with big budgets is now within reach of small businesses.

Small Business Energy Savings Direct vs indirect cost.

Direct vs. Indirect Costs: Definitions & Examples

Understanding the difference between a direct vs. indirect cost, and how to use this information in pricing and profit planning, is vital to your small business.

Small Business Energy Savings Best way to heat an office.

What’s the Best Type of Heater for an Office?

Keeping employees warm and comfortable supports quality work, productivity and well-being. Yet, that simple goal isn’t always easy to achieve.

Small Business Energy Savings Preparing your small business for the holiday season.

Preparing Your Small Business for the Holiday Season

Preparing your business for the holidays means different things in different industries. For some, it is a time of slowing down.

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Small Business Energy Savings Small business expense categories.

Small Business Expense Categories to Write Off

Knowing the small business expense categories and what you can and cannot deduct will ensure your business pays the right amount of tax on your revenue, while avoiding over-payment. As part of running your business, you have to shell out money to pay for what you need to operate.

Small Business Energy Savings How to check and improve office air quality.

How to Test and Improve Office Air Quality

Office air quality is getting more attention. COVID highlighted the need for clean air and now, wildfire smoke is raising similar concerns, meaning indoor air quality is back in the headlines.

Small Business Energy Savings Reducing your office hvac energy consumption.

Reducing Your Office HVAC Energy Consumption

Office HVAC energy saving goes straight to your bottom line. Yet, maintaining healthy air quality and a comfortable temperature in your place of work is vital to employee well being and productivity.

Small Business Energy Savings How to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

How to Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Since heating, cooling and operating buildings accounts for a significant amount of energy consumption, it’s important to find ways to improve your building’s energy efficiency. What is energy efficiency in a building and why is it important?

Small Business Energy Savings Reducing your business vampire energy consumption.

Reducing Your Small Business’s Standby Power Consumption

Reducing small business standby power is a great way to cut costs. In many cases, standby power, called a vampire energy drain, is pure wasted energy and wasted money.

Small Business Energy Savings Green lease.

What Is a Green Lease?

Environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important topic, leading many business owners and property renters to look for new strategies that can help improve efficiency, reduce waste, and limit their environmental impact. One of the ways the environmentally conscious are achieving this is through green leasing.

Small Business Energy Savings How to tell your small business sustainability story.

How to Tell Your Small Business’s Sustainability Story

You create real value for your business when you tell your small business sustainability story to customers, partners, employees, investors, and community leaders. These stakeholders in your business increasingly care about how companies contribute to protecting and improving the environment.

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