Green Energy

Interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Want to make changes in your home toward green energy? We’ve got green energy resources to get you started. Learn the benefits of programmable thermostats and how shade landscaping can save on energy costs. Want to know about how solar energy works? We can help there too. If it’s green energy information you want, we’ve got it!


Green Appetizers for Game Day

Hosting your next playoff / game day party does not need to derail your healthy eating resolution. “Green appetizer” parties that serve healthy finger foods are becoming more popular.

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Earth Day 2015: Easy Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at Home

This year, Earth Day celebrates 45 years of existence. How will you commit to improving the environment?

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Top 10 Green Game Tips (Submitted by Chicago Bulls fans)

In the spirit of our Green Game with the Chicago Bulls held at the United Center on April 5th, fans were asked to submit their best Green Game tips under the Twitter hashtag #BullsGreenTips. Compiled below is a list of the top 10 tips submitted by Bulls fans!

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Top 10 Green Game Tips (Submitted by Chicago Blackhawks Fans)

In honor of our Green Game with the Chicago Blackhawks held at the United Center on April 1st, fans were asked to submit their best Green Game tips! Compiled below is a list of the top 10 tips submitted by Blackhawks fans.

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How Solar Works in 4 Steps

Do you have a clear understanding of how solar energy is converted into electricity? Sure, you probably understand the basic concept that that the solar panels you put on your roof convert sunlight into energy for your home.

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Recap of this month’s posts about renewable energy

Our renewable energy team has provided a great deal of resources and information for homeowners interested in going green throughout the past weeks. Below, please see a roundup of the information shared.

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The Benefits of Renewable Energy

By Matt Lawson Vice Presdient of Green Initiatives, Constellation Going “green” includes a lot more than environmental responsibility. Below, please see some additional likely benefits of renewable energy.

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What is ‘green’ energy?

By Matt Lawson Vice President of Green Initiatives, Constellation Imagine a commodity that can’t be exhausted and replenishes itself over and over again. That’s precisely what renewable energy is.

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Video: Sustainability in Action at Hilton Hotels & Resorts

By Kim Weaver Senior Business Development Manager, Constellation When was the last time you stayed at a sustainable hotel or resort? What about the last time you held or attended a meeting at an eco-friendly venue?

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Financing a Green Lifestyle: Navigating the tax-credit labyrinth

Converting your house to an energy-efficient green home or trading in your SUV for a gas-sipping hybrid or electric model ultimately will save you money and protect the environment. However, energy-efficient products and renewable energy options for your home often don’t come cheap.

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How does solar energy work?

The heart and soul of modern-day solar power systems is the photovoltaic (PV) panel — a technology that NASA used for the first time in 1958 when it launched its first solar-powered satellite, Vanguard 1. Today, photovoltaics no longer are used exclusively in space to power satellites’ electrical systems.

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