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Financing a Green Lifestyle: Navigating the tax-credit labyrinth

Converting your house to an energy-efficient green home or trading in your SUV for a gas-sipping hybrid or electric model ultimately will save you money and protect the environment. However, energy-efficient products and renewable energy options for your home often don’t come cheap.

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Take energy efficiency on the road

Gasoline prices go up, and they go down. Lately, they’ve gone mostly south since peaking at $3.

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Simple summer home energy efficiency tips

It’s summer and the temperatures are hitting triple digits. The good news is you can stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

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FAQ Spotlight: Recap of May Moving Tips

Whether you’re looking for, have found, or recently moved into a new home, don’t let the question of energy take a backseat to all the other issues you consider as you transform your house into an abode that’s distinctively yours. Throughout May, we provided tips both on this blog as well as on our Facebook

Constellation can help your community thrive.
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Moving Tip: How to find out what your electricity supply options are

It’s that time of year when many people look to move and to say that the whole process can be stressful is an understatement. There are a lot of things to consider.

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Memorial Day weekend travel & staying at home energy tips

This Memorial Day weekend, many of us will either begin our holiday travel plans or stay close to home and fire up our grills. Whichever plans fit your long weekend, be sure to keep energy efficiency and conservation on your mind!

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Say What? I can actually shop for electricity?

It’s true. In many states, you now have the opportunity to choose from whom you buy your power, and often how it’s generated.

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Roundup of this month’s easy energy savings tips

Is your Facebook account gathering dust? Has your Twitter feed grown out of control?

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Three easy ways to conserve energy

Whenever you save energy, you can save money while reducing your environmental impact. Conserving energy doesn’t require many heavy sacrifices around the house and there are many energy efficient materials and strategies for almost every room in your house.

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Top 5 ways to make your home more energy efficient in the winter

Your home is working for you every day, all day long. In order to do this work, your house consumes a lot of energy.

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Three ways to conserve energy while using your appliances

Conserving energy can go beyond just lowering your thermostat. At BGE HOME, we take great pride in helping Maryland residents make their homes more energy efficient.

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