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    November 27, 2018
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Community Champions Spotlight: Hannah4Change

Upon meeting Hannah Testa, it is unequivocally clear that she is no ordinary fifteen-year-old. She speaks in unwavering confidence, revealing facts about plastic pollution with ambitious ease and certainty.

An enthusiastic environmentalist and animal rights activist, Hannah has a deep-rooted affliction for the world around her. Speaking to Hannah, it’s almost impossible not to catch the contagious passion flowing from her. She trails an air of inspiration and humility around her wherever she goes.

But what really makes her special is her determined positivity about the impact we can have on the earth we inhabit by fighting issues that impact the planet.

At the brave age of ten, Hannah made the decision to start a Facebook page to raise awareness about environmental causes and give her community information on volunteerism. After she saw success with the Facebook page, she decided to start her own nonprofit organization, Hannah4Change. She says, “I started when I was ten years old, and now I’m fifteen and I’ve been able to do so much and speak internationally because of this organization.”

The organization focuses on bringing education and awareness to issues such as plastic pollution and ocean health, corporate sustainability, youth empowerment, healthy living, kindness and compassion, inhumane treatment of animals, and animal extinction.

Hannah keeps herself busy, traveling all around the world speaking, volunteering, and doing everything she can to make a difference for the causes near to her heart.  Her unparalleled passion for environmental issues and animals gives her the confidence to work with governmental leaders and business executives, inspiring them to make sustainable decisions. Recently Hannah has worked with Students Rebuild to help create a school curriculum about plastic pollution and ocean health.

In the past five years, Hannah4Change has made an unquestionable impact, winning several awards such as Teen Earth Day Hero by CNN, the Young Superhero for Earth Award by Captain Planet, and the Action for Nature International Young Eco-Hero Award. Despite the awards and recognition that Hannah has received for her passion, she remains humble and focused on her goals. She says, “It’s important to protect our mother earth and our nature because we are inheriting this planet with all the problems that it has that past generations that have left us, and if we don’t fix it, it will be too late.”

Hannah’s love of the planet is contagious, inspiring change all around the world. Her caring heart flows with passion and dedication for the cause. For this reason, she was chosen as Constellation’s 1,000th  Community Champion. Through Constellation’s Community Champions program, customers can apply to receive small grants from Constellation for causes that are important to their community. Watch the video below to learn more about Hannah4Change and Community Champions!

1000th Community Champion – Hannah4Change

We went to Atlanta and surprised our 1000th Community Champion, Hannah4Change! To learn more about this amazing organization, watch the video below.

Posted by Constellation on Thursday, 25 October 2018

Constellation is so much more than just an energy provider, #ConstellationCares. To apply for a community champions grant, click here.

To donate to Hannah4Change, click here.


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