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Understanding Wind Energy

Oh, the power of wind! Utilizing the wind’s energy is by no means a new technology. It has been used for hundreds of years in various forms. Wind propelled boats along the Nile River as early as 5,000 B.C. And Persians were using the awesome power of wind to pump water and grind grain as far back as 900 B.C. With advancements in wind technology throughout the ages, it is now possible for you to bring that wind home and harness its power to generate electricity.

Let’s look at exactly what and why wind energy could be beneficial for you.

What is a wind farm

First off, What Exactly Is Wind Energy?

According to, wind energy is the fastest growing form of electricity around the globe.  As of 2012, wind farms generate more than 10% of the electricity that’s produced in nine U.S. states.

Put simply, wind energy is captured from the movement of massive wind turbines. Many factors play a role in how this works, including the power of the wind in a specific area, the consistency of the wind, and other weather occurrences in the area.

As the wind strengthens, power is generated. The more wind, the more power. This is why wind turbine farms are strategically placed in areas with consistently higher wind activity.

Fun Fact: Wind Power is a form of Solar Power

Wind Solar Energy

Wind occurs due to uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun. This heating process creates irregularities on the surface of the planet. The irregular heating and natural rotation creates wind. So the actual source of the power captured by wind turbines is the sun … solar power!

What Are Wind Farms and How Do They Work?

To truly benefit from wind, it is necessary for many wind turbines to be present. A wind farm is when two or more turbines are present in one area.  Generally, wind farms are located in areas where wind patterns are consistent and high. Powerful winds move the turbines. The turbines then convert the kinetic energy of the movement into a type of mechanical power.  Mechanical power is used for many tasks, including pumping water or grinding.  This power can also be sent to generators, which convert the mechanical power into electricity.

How Wind Energy Gets To YOur Home

How Does Wind Energy Get to Your Home?

To get the electricity from the massive generators to your home, the electricity passes through transformers, which then carry the electricity over traditional power lines. These power lines feed electricity into your home, exactly the same way standard electricity is brought into homes today. Easy as that!

Years of engineering and science have gone into harnessing the power of wind.  Wind is highly environmentally friendly. It doesn’t produce any toxic emissions and does not contribute to global warming. It is abundant, cost-effective, and growing in popularity as an electricity alternative.

Constellation can supply your home with renewable wind energy in select areas. Check out our green electricity plans today!

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