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  • Published:
    February 10, 2015
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    July 7, 2020

Save Big with These Small Changes

Limit Impulse Buys

You’ve probably heard of the butterfly effect, the idea that a small change can have a profound impact on any situation. So why not put that to the test with some of these small changes that can help you save big in the long run?

Cook More

Do you eat out or order delivery a few times every week? You would probably be surprised to see the total amount you spend monthly on this habit. If you just eat out one fewer night per week, you could be saving around $200 a month! Plus, cooking helps ensure that your family will get a healthy meal, and you can hone your skills by trying out new recipes. Save even more by buying in-season produce. Make a goal to pack your lunch two days a week and try to always have snacks handy to avoid impulse spending to keep hunger at bay.

Adjust Your Transportation

Do you have friends who could carpool in to work with you? Could you buy groceries in bulk and store them in order to make fewer trips? Are you able to walk or bike to local destinations? Is there a rewards credit card you should use to save on vacation travel? Consider your travel options in order to save money this year. Yes, gas is cheaper than it’s been in five years, but you can benefit greatly by driving less often. Don’t forget regular car maintenance such as rotating your tires and regular oil changes to help ensure your car stays in good shape as long as possible.

Limit Your Impulses

Impulses are everywhere, especially on your mobile phone these days! Before you impulsively buy a product with one click, think about whether or not you truly need this item. Instituting a 24 hour rule on big purchases over $50 or $75 is a good idea to make sure you are making well thought out decisions and making time to comparison shop. Keeping track of your purchases and knowing your weaknesses is one of the best ways to avoid making a dent in your bank account on a whim.

Evaluate Your Services

How well are your cable, cell phone, insurance, and utility providers treating you? Start 2015 by taking an honest look at the value you are getting from the people who send you bills every month and figuring out if the grass really is greener on the other side. You could save on your cell phone data plan by using WiFi more often or on your car insurance by lowering your coverage for an older vehicle. You might be overpaying for your energy services, and you might be able to access the shows you watch using a cheaper streaming service. Think about your services and see if you can save money this year!


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