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    January 22, 2015
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    July 7, 2020

Technology to Help Keep Your Resolutions

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Whatever your New Year’s resolution, you only have an 8% chance of keeping it. Yikes! If you want to put the odds in your favor, why not ask for a little help from our artificially intelligent friends? Check out these apps and technologies that’ll help you keep your resolutions in 2015!

For fitness: Check out Strava, an app that keeps track of your running and bicycling activity. You can record your workouts in the app with details including your total mileage, your exact route, your pace, and more! Plus, Strava has a social sharing component, meaning your friends on Facebook and other social networks can see your progress and compare their fitness goals to yours.

For budgeting: Trying to save more money this year? There are plenty of apps out there including Expensify, Hello Expense, and MoneyWise, but good old Microsoft Excel should really do the trick! The apps, all of which are free, let you plug in your expenses and track where your money’s going each month. Of course, you could do the same in Excel, but it’ll require a bit more legwork!

For those quitting smoking: Quitting is hard, even with a doctor’s consultation, so make it easier on yourself with My Quit Coach from Livestrong, an app that helps track your cigarette consumption and gradually decrease it over time.

For kicking other habits: Can’t seem to stop picking your nose? Okay, that’s probably an issue for your kids, but you get the idea! Use Habit Maker Habit Breaker to either create a positive habit or knock off a bad one. The app lets you record whenever you’ve abstained from a poor decision or chosen a good one, so let it be your journal for improving your lifestyle!

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