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    December 30, 2014
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    July 7, 2020

Ringing in the New Year with Family & Friends

3 Foolproof Holiday Recipes (4)

When December 31st rolls around, you want to have a game plan for your family’s celebration. You should all be in the same place, if possible, and here are some tips for making the most of your New Year’s celebration:

Stay in. If you have young children, dragging them out to Times Square or another New Year’s destination can be a hassle. Remember, kids aren’t used to staying up until midnight, so you’re already pushing them past their bedtime by having them celebrate the New Year with you.

Snacks, lots of snacks. New Year’s isn’t all about champagne and other alcohol. Throw some cheese and crackers, chicken bites, and other snacks into the mix so you will have something to eat during the holiday.

Don’t forget a countdown! Get a digital clock or traditional clock and start counting down the last minute until the new year. The countdown is a way to bring everyone together and be as close as possible, as a family, for the last moments of the year.

Put some card or board games on the table to enjoy as a family. You don’t want to spend your entire New Year’s drinking and watching TV, so do something fun with the family! Plus, this is a kid-friendly activity that’s a far cry from the drinking games you’d play in college.

Read your resolutions out loud. It’s a cheesy way to get your whole family involved with the celebration. Sit in a circle and take turns saying your New Year’s resolutions. Someone in your family might have the same resolution as you, or they might have experience completing one of your new resolutions. It can’t hurt to share!

However you do it, make sure you get your family together under one roof, provide food and entertainment, and keep everything family-friendly this New Year’s!

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