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    November 26, 2014

Staying Safe (and Sane!) on Black Friday


Time of Arrival

Some people camp outside the mall the night before Black Friday. This means they’ll finish Thanksgiving dinner, grab sleeping bags, and set themselves up as legally close as they can to a store’s entrance. If you are not a person that thrives in this type of chaotic environment consider waiting until the initial swarm dies down and arrive later in the morning to enter the shopping fray. The stores will still be there when you wake up and many of the most zealous shoppers are getting ready to call it a day. Finally many great deals are still available.

Make a List

People often get caught up in the frenzy of low prices and great deals associated with Black Friday that they forget that spending money is still spending money, no matter how much they think they’re saving. 40% off here, 60% off there — but what good are these discounts if you don’t need those items? So plan ahead: make a list of the items you need. Not only will this help limit your spending, but it’ll help you be more time efficient as you navigate the crowds. If you already know where you’re heading, you won’t be running around as crazily as everyone else.

Function Over Form

Black Friday is no time to be worrying about your appearance. Dress for the marathon ahead of you: comfortable shoes with plenty of support, a warm jacket, and sturdy pants such as jeans. Don’t stress out about makeup and hairstyles: that’ll only add to your frustrations as the day goes by.

Know When to Back Off

If someone’s ready to fight you over the last toy, just let them have it. Unfortunately, many shoppers come out guns blazing for Black Friday, and you’d rather lose a potential purchase than end up wrestling another person on the ground over a deal. Keep a level head and remember that you’re just shopping. Besides: there’s always Cyber Monday in case you’ve missed out on any hot items, and you won’t even have to leave the house for that!

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