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  • Published:
    September 29, 2014
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    October 20, 2014

Help Kids Use Energy Responsibly



Energy as a Resource

Energy’s not an infinite resource — but your kids don’t know that! Heck, depending on their age, they might not know what “infinite” even means! But as a parent, you can take steps to make sure that your children know how to responsibly use energy so as to develop efficient habits for the future.

There’s an Off Switch

Tell your children that some devices, such as electronics and light bulbs, do not need to be turned on if they are not being used. Remind them that if no one is in a room, there’s no need for the light bulb to have to work so hard to make it bright!

Environmental Education

Museums and books are great resources! If your children are learning to read, give them simple materials that discuss the effects of responsible energy use on the planet. Even better, bring them to a museum, where they can learn more about the environment and how they can benefit it by watching their energy consumption!

Lead by Example

Children often learn by mimicking their parents, so if you practice responsible energy use by turning off unused appliances, then they’ll view your behavior as correct and be more likely to emulate you. Be a good example for your kids, and you’ll have a much easier time teaching them how to be a responsible energy consumer.


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