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    September 12, 2014
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    October 13, 2014

Keep Your Kids Organized


With the new school year just around the corner, your precious little (or not so little) ones are looking forward to nine more months of lectures, group projects, and be-all/end-all final exams. Kids tend to be messy and unorganized, traits that can make their school experience difficult, so we’ve put together some helpful advice to keep your kids organized this year!

Kindergarten – Elementary School

You’ll have to do a lot of the legwork for these kids. Make sure they have clearly-labeled folders for their classes (no three ring binders) and gently remind them to put the appropriate papers in them as soon as they can. A loose paper is a lost paper, so make sure your young students have enough folders to keep their papers neatly organized. Everyone loses pens and pencils, so make sure you point out which pocket of their backpack they should use for their writing utensils. Hint: it’s not the biggest one.

Middle School

Your kids should have the basics down by now, but they’re just entering their teenage years, so cut them some slack with simple tasks. In addition to organized folder systems, make sure that your children have a clean, spacious desk they can use for homework. If they haven’t already, make sure they label the inside of their textbooks (if allowed) with their name and phone number. Many middle school students use a computer for homework, but this is a little early to be bringing a laptop to school.

High School

Your kids will probably use a laptop in high school, so your priority should be to make sure that expensive piece of equipment is well cared for. Get your student a laptop sleeve, even if he or she is using a backpack or computer case, to make sure that the computer is protected from random bits of paper and other school debris. Kids also start thinking about college in high school, so make sure that their neatly organized folder system has a new component: college files. While high school kids are much more independent than their elementary and middle school counterparts, high school grades can make or break a student’s acceptance to college, so don’t feel bad about twisting their arm to make sure they’re organized. It’ll only help them in the long run.


Preparing your kids for college is (hopefully) your last major push as a parent to get them ready for the real world. Once they’re away, you’ll have little to no control over their day to day habits. Provide them with a lightweight bookshelf, a desk, and a reminder to keep themselves focused on their studies. If you think elementary school students lose stuff, imagine what sloppy college students allow to fall by the wayside. Send your kids to college with a 100-pack of pencils and a spare phone charger. They’ll appreciate it in no time.

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