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  • Published:
    June 27, 2014
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    August 7, 2020

How to Maintain an Energy Saving Garden

If you’ve got a garden, you might notice that your utility bills are not exactly as low as you’d like them to be. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save energy, and even water, while allowing your garden to thrive. And the best part is that these tips are DIY, which should make going green on a budget easier than ever.

Planting Tips to Help You Get Started

If you are still adding plants to your garden, consider planting a few shade trees. Be strategic so they are able to shade your house, giving you great energy saving results in the summer. You can also shield your house from strong winds by putting several large plants next to each other. This way, they can act as a wall when it comes to gusts of wind that would otherwise hit your house, helping you save on heating and cooling expenses.

If you are really interested in going green, you might want to plant that garden on your roof. As long as the surface is flat, you can likely get away with this energy saving option. After all, rooftop gardens can offer great insulation for homes, and they also create the perfect place for storm water to rest.

Maintenance Ideas That Save Energy

When it comes to helping your garden thrive without using too much energy, you can start by using manual tools to cut and shape your plants. In addition, try to keep the paving near your garden to a minimum. If you add lighting to the area, try to use solar lights, which are not only energy saving, but also tend to be great for DIY projects since the installation is so simple.

You can save water by setting drip lines or sprinklers to water your garden only when it’s cooler out, which is often in the morning or at night. You might also prefer to collect rain in barrels and then use it to water your garden when your plants need the hydration.

Regardless of where you put your garden or how you water it, you should try to use plants that tend to do well in your region. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time, energy, and water trying to save high-maintenance plants that are not meant to flourish in your city. Choosing local, energy saving plants that thrive in your care can make gardening a much more rewarding

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