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  • Published:
    April 4, 2013
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    August 10, 2020

Top 10 Green Game Tips (Submitted by Chicago Bulls fans)


In the spirit of our Green Game with the Chicago Bulls held at the United Center on April 5th, fans were asked to submit their best Green Game tips under the Twitter hashtag #BullsGreenTips.

Compiled below is a list of the top 10 tips submitted by Bulls fans!

1) Get an open lid recycling bin so you can do @DRose floaters all day!

2) Switch to a reusable water bottle instead of plastics.

3) Carpool, public transportation, bike and/or walk to the Bulls game & everywhere you have to go.

4) Don’t leave the water running when brushing teeth and unplug electronics when not being used.

5) Convert any monthly bills to electronic billing if the company offers it.

6) Switch to CFL or LED light bulbs.

7) Buy a filtered water pitcher instead of bottled water. Help save the planet!

8) Program thermostat for lower temps when not home, CFL bulbs, annual furnace service.

9) Unplug big power items, if you can, to save power and money (i.e. laptop and phone chargers).

10) Take shorter showers every day.

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Robert Sanchez - 3/25/2017

Good initiative from a such a big team like the Bulls

    Constellation Community Team - 4/4/2017

    I agree! It’s great to see any large organization — whether it’s a sports team, retailer, or something else — taking initiative to help the environment. Thanks for commenting!

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