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  • Published:
    May 24, 2012
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    May 5, 2021

Memorial Day weekend travel & staying at home energy tips

Regardless of whether you are traveling or staying home, there are easy ways to save energy.

This Memorial Day weekend, many of us will either begin our holiday travel plans or stay close to home and fire up our grills. Whichever plans fit your long weekend, be sure to keep energy efficiency and conservation on your mind!

If your weekend plans involve your first time going away for the season, there are a few steps that you can take to help keep your home energy use down while you’re not around:

— By adjusting the temperatures of a few household items, you can make great strides in saving energy while you are away.  First, you should adjust the temperature of your water heater. In most cases, your water heater will continue heating water while you are away. Adjusting the temperature setting to a lower level will keep it from working overtime.
— Another energy saving temperature adjustment you can make is to your refrigerator. By turning up the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer while you’re away, you will reduce the amount of energy your home is using.
— The final and possibly the most impactful temperature adjustment you can make is to your home air conditioner.  In many cases will not need to cool your home while you’re not there. By either turning off your air conditioner or using a programmable thermostat, you will save energy during your vacation.
— You can also conserve energy while travelling by installing timers on your home’s lights. Set the timer to turn them on for a few hours each night. The timer will save energy while still providing the security benefit of having a light on in your home.
— You should also consider turning off or unplugging all of your household electronics before you leave. Even though your devices may be off, digital displays and other features still use energy, unplugging them is a sure way to stop their energy consumption.

If your weekend plans involve staying home and having friends or family over, there are still some easy steps you can take to reduce your energy use:

— Grilling outside on your barbeque is an easy way to save energy and to keep your house cool over the weekend. Just remember to keep your doors closed and to limit the number of times that you come in and out of your house. By keeping the cool air sealed inside of your home, you will maximize your energy savings.
— When doing the dishes, wash all the dishes first, then rinse.
— When leaving the room, remember to turn the lights off and if you’re not watching TV, remember to turn that off as well.

Energy savings aside, we’re proud to honor those who have served our country on this special holiday. We hope everyone has a great holiday and if you have any questions about the tips above, please feel free to leave me a comment.

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