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    February 29, 2012
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    May 5, 2021

Constellation marks one year of offering electric choice to Illinois residential consumers

It’s been one year since Constellation Energy began offering Illinois residents an easy way to lower energy costs and embrace green energy by choosing Constellation as their home electricity supplier. Here’s a look at what we’ve been doing in Illinois:

— Today, thousands of Illinois homeowners and renters have taken advantage of Constellation’s offers to save on home electric rates, and in the process helped Constellation surpass its goal of more than 1 million residential customers nationwide.

— Constellation is currently offering to Illinois’ ComEd and Ameren residents home electric supply rate savings up to 22 percent and 18 percent off of Ameren’s and ComEd’s current rates, respectively.*

— The Chicago Bears, White Sox and Chicago Cubs all embraced the opportunity to advance clean energy this past year through Constellation’s sponsorship of ‘green games’.

— Constellation supports the sports teams’ sustainability goals by purchasing Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match the electricity use on each game day. RECs represent the environmental benefit of electricity generated by wind and therefore avoid carbon dioxide emissions.

— Constellation has also given new residential customers more than $5 million in customer gift card incentives nationwide. New residential customers who refer a friend may be eligible to receive a $25 Constellation Visa® Prepaid Card.

The offer to Illinois homeowners and renters is made by Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group, Inc.  To find out more about all the Constellation Energy offerings in Illinois, including our applicable terms and conditions, homeowners and renters can go to Customers also may call 866.577.4700 to sign up by phone.

*Ameren’s and ComEd’s rates are subject to change and, therefore, we cannot guarantee savings over the full term of our price plans. Constellation’s prices do not include any taxes, utility distribution charges or other utility fees, charges or credits. In Ameren’s service territory, estimated savings are based on Ameren’s current BGS residential (non-electric space heating) rate of 6.685 cents per kWh in effect Oct. 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012 for Ameren Rate Zone I.  Actual savings will depend on the Ameren rate zone in which customer resides, as shown on customer’s Ameren invoice. Customers on Ameren’s BGS residential (electric space heating) rate will not save. In ComEd’s service territory, estimated savings are based on ComEd’s current Price to Compare (PTC) for BES residential (non-electric space heating) rate of 7.751 cents per kWh in effect Oct. 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012, which includes an Electricity Supply Charge of 6.986 cents and a Transmission Services Charge of 0.765 cents. ComEd also invoices its customers for Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA), which may be a charge or a credit, and is not included in ComEd’s PTC.  Customers on ComEd’s BES residential (electric space heating) rate will not save.  For additional information on our price comparison, visit

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