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  • Published:
    December 1, 2011
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    May 5, 2021

Video: Vineland, New Jersey’s Third Solar Project Now Online

Last month we celebrated the completion of our recent 7.8 MW DC solar installation for the city of Vineland, New Jersey, interconnected with the Vineland Municipal Electric Utility.  This is the most recent of three projects now online in Vineland. The projects are part of the city’s larger plan to produce about 20 percent of the city’s energy from renewable energy sources by 2015.

Vineland has agreed to purchase all of the electricity generated from the solar panels under a 25-year power purchase agreement. Over the term of the contract, more than 250 million kWh of electricity are expected to be produced. The renewable energy produced is expected to save approximately 7,004 metric tons of CO₂ per year, which is equivalent to the emissions from 1,374 passenger vehicles annually.

I was honored to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony for Vineland’s newest solar installation along with a number of local dignitaries, including Robert Romano, mayor of the city of Vineland; Don Lintvet, vice president of outreach of the Solar Electric Power Association; and Dennis Palmer, executive director of Landis Sewage Authority. Below, please see a short video from last month’s celebration.

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