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    November 21, 2011
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    May 5, 2021

Sacking Waste: Ravens Energy Efficiency & Conservation Efforts

By CJ Michalak
Marketing Manager, Constellation Energy

Thanksgiving is just days away and this year isn’t just about the turkey. It’s about Ravens football, too!

The last time a football team in Baltimore played on Thanksgiving Day was in 1965! The Colts took on the Detroit Lions in Michigan. Now, almost 50 years later, I’m excited that the game will be at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore!

As I mentioned on Friday, Constellation Energy, a proud sponsor of the Baltimore Ravens, will retire renewable energy certificates (RECs) that will cover the typical energy usage during the Ravens Thanksgiving game against the San Francisco 49ers, kicking off the first green Ravens Gameday.

While working with the Ravens and the Maryland Stadium Authority to promote their environmental commitment, I stumbled upon a few facts that I thought were worth blogging about:

— It will take nearly 750 light bulbs (746 1500 watt bulbs to be exact) to light up the game at M&T Bank Stadium

— The two RavensVision video screens can use up to 80,000 watts of electricity at peak output.

— For the areas both inside and outside of the stadium, the Ravens recycle approximately 10 tons per game and approximately 150 tons annually

— In 2010, they also reduced their overall energy usage in the stadium by 4.5 million kWh compared to the energy used in 2005

The Ravens and the Maryland Stadium Authority are building off of the Game Day with a number of efficiency and conservation initiatives already underway in the stadium including:

—installing rain sensors to control usage of irrigation system and water.

—a computerized energy usage management system, including 400+ unit heaters in certain areas, the TVs and lighting.

—Resco, a bulk trash facility for not recyclable materials. Trash is burned and re-used for steam energy, which helps heat the stadium and used for hot water.

The Ravens and the Maryland Stadium Authority care about the environment and are really stepping up their efforts to sack waste.  It makes me even prouder to cheer them on this Thanksgiving and all throughout the season!

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