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    October 21, 2010
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    May 5, 2021

New statewide poll shows two-thirds of New Jersey residents likely to take advantage of electric choice

In New Jersey, the numbers are telling the story. A recent poll shows that 64 percent of New Jersey residents would consider choosing a new competitive electricity supplier in order to save 10 percent or more on the electricity generation portion of their utility bill. The findings of the Fairleigh Dickinson/Public Mind telephone poll, released earlier this week, were gathered through a sample of 675 New Jersey residents who participate in household financial decisions.

As mentioned in a recent post on our NewEnergy Blog, customers living in states with electric competition have had the opportunity to take advantage of lower wholesale energy prices, which are down about 50 percent from their peak in 2008. In addition to lowering electricity prices, competition has led to the development of new products and services; typically not found in closed, monopoly markets.

In addition to the findings of the Fairleigh Dickinson/Public Mind poll, the amount of new customers that have recently enrolled in one of our residential plans offered in the JCPL and PSEG service areas, confirm New Jersey’s interest in competition. Since we started offering residential service in September, more than 10,000 New Jersey residents have signed up to save up to 12 percent off their utility’s current electric generation rate in effect through May 2011.

While Constellation Energy is among 15 competitive electricity suppliers listed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to offer competitive residential rates in New Jersey, we have been a national leader in serving New Jersey’s largest commercial, industrial and public sector power customers for years.

For more information regarding our New Jersey residential service, click here and for information on our business services in New Jersey and other markets we serve, click here.

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., a subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group, provides electric generation service to residential customers in the PSEG and JCPL service territories of New Jersey. For more information regarding price and environmental characteristics of our New Jersey residential service, click here and for our commercial and industrial service in New Jersey and throughout other markets, click here.

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