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    September 9, 2010
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    May 5, 2021

People living in Ohio recently reported as No. 1 in the nation for taking advantage of Natural Gas Choice

It was really exciting to read the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) report about how Ohio became the leading state for residential choice customers in 2009. According to the report, approximately 1.7 million customers, equaling 58 percent of all eligible households, were participating in natural gas choice programs. This new leading position is remarkable, especially given that Georgia, one of the first states to adopt a choice program in the U.S., has had the largest number of choice customers for years.

But what’s even more noteworthy is that choice program enrollment reached an all-time peak nationwide “with about 445,000 more participants than in 2008, a boost of 9 percent” according to the EIA. Choice programs could have reached this record high due to the variety of products offered to home owners and renters in addition to smaller commercial customers. Through choice programs, residential customers are able to choose suppliers like Constellation NewEnergy Gas that can provide natural gas premium services and products typically reserved for large commercial and industrial energy users.

In states like Ohio, where temperatures drop significantly during the winter, home-owners and renters also benefit by locking in a natural gas rate that will help protect against a potential spike in natural gas prices in cold weather, while pursuing competitive pricing for their natural gas supply needs. Constellation NewEnergy Gas has helped natural gas customers with households of all sizes in Ohio manage and control their energy budgets, while helping them to easily identify and understand the variables that affect the price they pay for natural gas.

We know the area utilities, know how the systems work, and have been successful in Ohio. And we’re looking forward to what the future holds for people living in the Buckeye State. For more information about our choice programs in Ohio, contact us at or 866.622.6569.

To view the full EIA report, visit

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