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    September 8, 2010
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    May 5, 2021

Websites that can entertain and educate your kids about green energy

After a long day at school and many hours spent each night completing homework, the last thing a child probably wants to do is learn. So what better way to engage kids in learning more about green energy than to make it fun? Here are three excellent websites that I recommend.

The Planet Saver Challenge (

Last spring, the Constellation Energy’s Projects & Services Group launched the Planet Saver Challenge site to educate kids living in public housing communities about the positive impact that they can make through water and energy conservation.

  • Interesting features — Its interactivity. Kids can become a certified “Planet Saver” by completing three separate challenges titled “Water Saver,” “Energy Saver,” and “Green Team.”
  • How this site will educate your child – By emphasizing that conserving water and energy allows earth time to restore its resources. During the “Green Team” challenge, kids are encouraged to apply their knowledge to create a sustainable community.

Kids Saving Energy (
The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)created a colorful and captivating site full of games, tips, and facts for kids to learn more about energy conservation.

  • Interesting features – Its kid-friendly feel and bright, lively graphics will probably make your child want to browse through the site and there is also a designated section for parents and teachers. The My Energy Smart Home section offers advice for kids on how they can help their parents save energy around the house. There are also many games for kids to try and a place for them to watch short cartoon videos where Tinker Bell shows them how easy it is to be an “Energy Saver.”
  • How this site will educate your child – By providing many interactive opportunities for your child to gain and test energy knowledge.

Energy Kids (
The U.S. Energy Information Administration offers a wide array of information for parents and teachers to share with children.

  • Interesting features – Lesson plans, field trips and activities that teachers can use in the classroom for students in primary (grades k-3), elementary(grades 4-7), intermediate (grades 6-9), and secondary schools (grades 9-12). It also provides a way for you to submit lesson plans to share with other teachers on the site. The History of Energy section of the website features an extensive list of individuals who have made significant contributions in energy and science. The Games & Activities section includes riddles and puzzles that kids might find interesting.
  • How this site will educate your child — By covering a wide gamut of information that could be adapted into science fair projects, biographical reports, and other in-classroom presentations.

Do you know of any other websites that you would recommend? If so, leave a comment below.

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