Small Business Energy Savings

The bottom line matters to small business owners. Making small business energy savings improvements is one way to increase your profit margin. From energy-saving office outdoor lighting to talking to employees about how to save energy, we’ve got small energy saving tips that can help you take your small business to the next level and feel good about your energy consumption while you’re at it.

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Have an idea to start a new clean energy technology related business?

By John Domagalski Vice President, Market & Product Development, Constellation Energy There’s a vibrant ecosystem growing in the Midwest as it relates to bringing clean energy technology innovations to the marketplace. As an advisory board member of the Clean Energy Trust, I have been among a panel of more than 20 judges evaluating finalists of

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Natural Gas Program extended to June 17 for residents & small business owners in Aurora, OH

Exciting news! Since nearly 1,000 small business owners, schools, churches and residents signed up for Constellation Energy’s two-year natural gas program in just a little more than a month, the City of Aurora has asked Constellation to extend the offer though June 17.

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Customers in the BGE and PEPCO service areas in Maryland have electric choice

For Maryland electricity customers in the BGE and PEPCO service areas, Constellation Electric service is available. .

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