Energy Efficiency How to weather strip a door the right way.

How to Weatherstrip a Door the Right Way and Seal Door Gaps

Learn how to install door weatherstripping and you will put an end to energy-wasting drafts. When you look for places to weatherize your home for winter energy savings, door weatherstripping is a great place to start.

Energy Efficiency 15 ways to cool down a room fast

15 Ways to Cool Down a Room Fast

How to cool down a room fast isn’t always about comfort. Room temperature can have a significant effect on the health and well-being of you, your family and pets.

Home Energy Savings Types of weatherstripping

Types of Weatherstripping and Tips for Installation

Improving all weatherstripping types and repairing your existing weatherstripping is an easy and affordable way to make your home more energy efficient. Windows, doors, and other openings around your home with old, damaged or completely absent weatherstripping can leak cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter.

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