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NHL® Sustainability Infographic: Green Initiatives in Hockey

The National Hockey League (NHL®) is a recognized leader among sports organizations in environmental stewardship. In 2014, League commissioner Gary Bettman received the Green Sports Alliance Environmental Leadership Award. Last year, the NHL® was honored by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for engaging millions of hockey fans, global businesses and local communities in sustainable action. More recently, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership with Constellation, the league’s preferred energy partner, the NHL® was ranked 20th on the the Environmental Protection Agency‘s National Top 100 list of largest users of green power in the United States.

The NHL’s commitment to environmental sustainability began in 2010, with the launch of  NHL Green, a comprehensive sustainability initiative to help manage the effects of climate change and freshwater scarcity on the game of hockey. The league has a vested interest in addressing these environmental challenges. As a business, it relies on freshwater to make ice and energy to fuel operations. Moreover, to continue staging world class events like the NHL Winter Classic® and NHL Heritage Classic, winter weather is a necessity

With this in mind, NHL® leaders implemented a multitude of environmental programs to drive sustainability. Over time, with help from reputable organizations such as the National Resources Defense Council, the EPA, and the Green Sports Alliance, NHL Green grew into the most robust sustainability program in pro sports. In 2014, the NHL®  became the first and only professional sports league in North America to issue a sustainability report, documenting and disclosing the its carbon footprint.

To propel NHL Green even further, the league teamed up with Constellation, its preferred energy partner, through which it purchases both Green-e Energy Certified RECs and Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets to counterbalance the league’s environmental footprint. Constellation has also recommended energy management strategies for special events and conducted energy efficiency analyses at League arenas. In this way, Constellation and the NHL® are using innovative technologies and green power to lower the league’s ecological impact. That’s a win for everyone!

Check out our NHL® infographic to see how the NHL®, its fans and Constellation are working to make an environmental difference.


NHL® Green Infographic

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