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    February 20, 2017
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    February 22, 2017

Constellation’s Refer a Friend Program

Constellation’s personal ties with customers matter; that’s one reason why Constellation started its Refer a Friend program. Constellation wants you to benefit from sharing the good news about your experiences with Constellation — and reward both you and a friend for doing so.

The Constellation Refer a Friend program began in 2011 as one of Constellation’s customer referral programs. The intent, says Constellation Marketing Channel Manager Lora Bergeron, was to both reward current customers and also offer incentives to reach out to friends and family and recommend Constellation.

So far, the Refer a Friend program is doing precisely that. Bergeron relates that over 42,000 customers have been referred, and the company has given over $1.7 million in incentives.

Lindsay Janek joined the Constellation family thanks to the Refer a Friend program (in the state of Texas Constellation does business as StarTex Power). “My friend referred me to StarTex Power and I got a great rate and a $50 gift card after I signed up!” she enthuses. “I promptly used it to go shopping. I can’t wait to refer my friends and receive more gift cards! It’s easy money!”

How does the Constellation Refer a Friend program work?

The Refer a Friend program is fairly straightforward, Bergeron observes. Here’s how it works:

  • When someone signs up to be a Constellation (or StarTex Power) customer, they get a personal Refer a Friend code.
  • They can give that code to any family member or friend.
  • When the family member or friend signs up to become a Constellation customer, the code triggers a gift card email to both the referring customer and the new customer.
  • About two weeks after the final paperwork is finished, each person receives an email outlining their gift card option.

Bergeron explains customers have options for their thank you gift cards. “They can choose a card from a variety of merchants,” Bergeron notes, “or just get a $50 Visa card.” The card can be an email code or an actual plastic card that is mailed to the recipient’s home — the choice is up to them, Bergeron says. Merchant card options allow the reward recipients to select from top brands.

Bergeron comments the Constellation Refer a Friend program is ongoing for the company. “We get a steady stream of referrals,” she reports, noting that each new customer gets a little reminder email 30 days after joining Constellation to refer a friend or family member.

“We want to expand to get more referrals,” she adds. “We find that referred friends make the best customers.”

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mary turner - 2/23/2017


    Constellation Community Team - 3/3/2017

    Hi, Mary! Thank you for being a loyal customer and wanting to refer your friends! I am so glad to hear that you’re pleased with your Constellation services and want to share that with others. If you did not receive an emailed referral code, please let me know and I would be happy to provide you with one. When your friend signs up using your referral code, you both will receive a gift card, as mentioned in the post. If you still need a referral code, please email us at and we will send one. Thank you!

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