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Energy Choice | May 30, 2012

Moving Tip: How to find out what your electricity supply options are

Moving anytime soon? While getting settled, it's important to think about what service provider you want for your electricity supply, if you are living in or moving to one of the 18 areas in the U.S. that provide electric choice to consumers.

It’s that time of year when many people look to move and to say that the whole process can be stressful is an understatement. There are a lot of things to consider. As you begin to think about getting settled into your new home it’s important to think about what service provider you want for a variety of needs –including your electricity if you are living or moving to one of the 18 areas in the U.S. that provide residents with the opportunity to choose their own electricity supplier.

Below, please see a list that you can quickly reference to find out what your electricity supplier options are either right before or immediately after a move:

— Your local utility will often mention the electricity supply options available either when you’re setting up your new account or transferring services to a new address. They may also list area electricity suppliers on their websites.

— Visit your state’s regulatory or public utility commission’s website. Typically, your electricity options are addressed on a state-run website. To either find out if you can choose a new electricity supplier or find out what your options are, check out the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners site here: and click on your state.

— After you move, the post office will send you a packet of moving information. As part of their exclusive mover savings, you may receive some information about select suppliers in your area.

Most of our service areas have the same procedure for people moving into a new home. You must first set up your new location with service from a utility. Then, you may contact a supplier to have them begin providing your home with electricity.  However, the State of Texas is different in the way that they handle someone who is moving. When moving in Texas, you must contact the supplier first whenever you begin to move. The supplier will then help you arrange your new electricity service.

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